How can I protect my skin from drought in the winter?

In winter, the skin is exposed to a lot of dryness, with cold air, low temperature, and many girls do not remember drinking water, exposing their skin to cracking, and feeling itchy, all of which can cause many skin problems in the winter.

Moisturizing the atmosphere

Try as much as possible to use the humidifier in the room, to avoid extreme coldness, which may lead to inflammation of the skin, and it keeps your skin smooth.

Avoid using high heating

Stay away from raising the temperature dramatically, as it may hurt your skin and cause itching, because this movement makes the air drier than you expect.

Place the solar condom

Many girls give up the sunscreen in the winter, because the sun is not bright enough, but the sunscreen protects your skin from ultraviolet radiation, which exists, even if you think the clouds are predominant over the weather.

Attention to cosmetics

Cosmetics are not required to be used throughout the year. There are some preparations that you use only in the summer and not suitable for winter, and vice versa. In the winter you need products that contain more oils, even if your skin is greasy, and you need high moisturizers.

Drink enough water and nutrition

Drinking water and proper nutrition plays a big role in protecting your skin from dehydration, helps it to be fresh, and everything you eat appears on your skin, remember it well.

Continuous hydration

Take care of your skin daily, do not forget to put on a pre-sleep moisturizer, always nourish the skin, and avoid products that contain many chemicals, or a few oils.

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