How To Apply Skincare under your Makeup

The application of beauty products should be a dream grooming series that sees us massaging our faces with all sorts of splendid oils and moisturizers. So why are we feeling uncertain about brushing our eye cream on? We’re going to inform you why; because the order to purchase beauty is disconcerting. If you want to brighten your skin’s appearance with a good skin care plus makeup, take the following routine guideline for your skin care.

Here’s the great order for all your products to make sure that your serums and sunscreens get the optimum effects.


Wash rinse repeat this step to remove any piece of dirt from your skin; the first cleanse hits the rough surface while the second reaches straight into your pores. It makes your skin clear. It also clears and clean your face from any kind of makeup left on your face.


Skipping toner is like composing your thesis before you save it; it makes the entire attempt to clean it up pointless as leftover dirt may stay. Wipe one with a pad of cotton to make your pores clear.

Spot cream Moisturize:

If you are using any sort of topical therapy to treat acne or lighten scars, use these now to allow your skin to soak up its advantages. Water-based moisturizers are developed for long-lasting hydration with hyaluronic acid and aloevera water.


A serum is a watery moisturizer that provides additional hydration boost to your skin. Softly dab the serum with a damp sponge or clean hands onto your face. Before applying moisturizer, let it absorb into your skin. It also helps if you have a dry skin.

Eye cream:

If you are dealing with eye circles and eye bags, you definitely need to apply an eye cream under your eyes.


Applying SPF immediately after cleaning will make the remaining of your products useless, but ending up turning it on guarantees that your metabolism can still function to its complete potential.

Remove residual makeup and dirt:

Before you apply your skincare products to your face, make sure that any makeup or dirt left over from the day or night has been completely removed. You can use makeup removal wipes or an oil cleanser for this step. Oil cleanser is better if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Wet your face:

Before you begin the rest of your routine, your face needs to be soaked, not just damp. Splash water on your face at least three times, making sure you get every part of your face.

Use a cleanser:

A cleanser will give your face a deep clean a deeper clean than makeup wipes can. There are many different types of cleanser available, based on the condition of your skin normal, oily, or dry. Check the labels to make sure you’re using the correct formula.

Apply toner:

Toner tightens up your skin and can reduce the visibility of spots and wrinkles. For it to work properly, it needs to be fully absorbed into your skin, so it should go on first after you cleanse your face. As with your choice of cleanser, make sure you choose a toner formula that addresses your particular skin type.

Apply primer:

Starting with primer helps your makeup to stay fresh longer because it gives your makeup a good base to cling to rather than just your skin. You can use an all over primer that’s good for your whole face, or two different primers one for your face and one especially for your eyes.

Blend on foundation:

Using either a foundation brush, a makeup blender, or your hand, blend on your foundation. Choose a foundation color that matches the skin on your neck your neck is usually a shade or two lighter than your face, and matching your foundation shade to your neck prevents the rest of your makeup from looking too dark.

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