How To Care Nail Art Trends for 2020

Any girl who is interested in fashion knows that an outfit is never complete without the perfect manicure and pedicure. We are only a few months shy of the new year so it’s time to unveil the biggest nail trends we will see for the year 2020. If you want to keep up with the trends next year, make sure to use these nail art trends to influence your style.

Micro French Manicure : This classic style is making a comeback, but with a twist. With this new way of doing it, you do not need to add faux nails or grow your own to have longer nails. With a micro manicure, the line should be as thin as possible compared to the thick white polish stripe that we are all used to. This style is so dainty and perfect for that afternoon coffee date with your girlfriends. Just make sure to choose either an ultra glossy base to give off that shine and classic style.

Sharp stiletto nails : If you like veering away from the traditional styles, take it from the recent runway fashion shows and go for something bold like long stiletto nails. You can go for any color or design, but what is important is that you keep the end of the nails sharp and fierce. This style would be perfect for a night out at the club. Pair it with some fierce makeup and you’ll surely be the talk of the town.

Glitter and applique : If you like making a statement with everything about your fashion, don’t forget to include your nails! One great thing about glitter is that you can achieve this look at home without an expensive trip to the salon. Try to be creative and mix and match colors and textures. If you like accessories like rings or necklaces, you can think of appliques as accessories for your nails! You can go simple with just one accent or bold with a few. But you can also go glitzy and bold by adding eye-catching details.

Minimal accents : If you want to keep it simple and you want to stay away from styles that are too loud, you can just go for minimal accents. Instead of buying glitter, jewels, appliques, and other things, you can go for something as simple as one big dot on your nail. It’s simple enough for everyday fashion but still with enough flair that it will capture the attention of the people around you.

Matte polish : If you’re tired of the shiny, metallic shades, go for matte nail polish. Look for a color that will compliment your skin tone and make sure to have healthy cuticles as the style can highlight dry or cut cuticles.

Any of these styles can look great on you, especially when pairing with a great outfit. Whether you are going on a date or traveling on a vacation, having the perfect manicure can boost your self-esteem. If you are traveling to another country like Thailand and you had no time to go to your regular salon, the good thing is that there are places like Heavenly Nails Chiang Mai that can easily cater to your needs while on the go.

Remove old nail polish

Make sure you’re starting with a clean slate by removing any old polish still lingering on your nails.

Trim and file your nails

Shape your nails to make them neat. Since you’re creating nail art, try not to trim them too short. It’s better to have more space to work with.

Apply a basecoat

Basecoats are usually clear or bluish in color, and can be purchased wherever nail polish is sold. Basecoats protect your nails from getting stained or damaged by nail polish and other nail art materials. Apply one layer of basecoat and allow it to completely dry before proceeding.Some basecoats remain tacky after drying. This texture is meant to help the next layer, the polish, stay in place longer without chipping.

Paint just the tip of your nail a different color

Choose two complementary colors that will look great on the same nail.

Add a jewel or sticker to your nail

Start with a coat of your favorite nail polish and accent it with a pretty decoration.

Make a floral design

An arrangement of dots can be made to look like a flower. Choose three colors: a base coat color, a color for the center of the flowers, and a color for the petals.

Create a leopard print

For this look choose two colors: a light and a dark. Try fuchsia or orange and black.

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