How To Choose Great Look This Summer

We agree that every season comes with its own share of woes. We have the hair loss accompanying the fall of the leaves in autumn. We have dry skin plaguing us along with the nail-biting cold during the winter. We have to bear with frizzy hair due to the humidity caused by all the rain in the spring. And when it comes to summer, the sun shines way too brighter than we’d like it to. But sun-kissed cheeks and the beachy waves is what we’d like to keep our focus on during summer.

You all would agree that during summer, getting dressed is quite a task. At times, the heat gets unbearable. And though we’d like to just put on a tank top with cotton shorts and head out, we cannot really do that, can we? Neither can we wear layers or jackets and play mix and match with them. Creating a ‘new look’ every day becomes challenging during summer. We found a few fixes for this problem.

Consider Wearing White

We all know the science behind the fact that white is one color that emits light and doesn’t absorb it. Therefore, in summer, white can be your best-color-friend! It’s the most versatile color out there. You can combine it with different colors or patterns every day and still look fresh and different. Or, well, you can also go for an all-white outfit, for that will never go out of fashion.

Tie It Up

Learn to take care of your hair as much as you take care of your skin during summer. For the skin, the sunscreen comes to rescue. But we often tend to ignore our hair during summers. The heat from the sun can damage the outer layer of our hair which is the cuticle. And if you continue to ignore this fact, the summer sun can leave your hair looking very dull and brittle.
So, your first line of defense here would be to use fewer hair products on your hair. Don’t suffocate it with strong shampoos, conditioners, or serum. Use light ones and avoid styling your hair with styling tools that work on heat technology.
The second would be to tie your hair up in a simple ponytail or an easy braid which you’re comfortable doing.

Use Summer Accessories

Avoid wearing accessories that are made of metal when you head out in the sun. If you do, then chances are that they’ll burn your skin by absorbing all the heat that they are exposed to. Though you can still wear them after the sunset.
When you choose accessories for your summer outfits, opt for the ones that are made of thread or wood. For example, tassel jewelry you get a variety of them these days in stores as it’s the ruling accessory trend. You can even make your own at home

Go For Big Floppy Hats

Nothing like an oversized floppy hat which will make you look summer chic. It is a classic summer favorite among most fashionistas too. A hat adds an elegant touch to even the most casual of the outfits. Hats with wide rims are perfect for protecting your skin from sun damage and it also keeps your tresses from fading. You can add a patterned ribbon or band to your floppy hat which will make you look great. If you are one who loves everything on the dressier side, then go for the raffia hats in black and white or neutral shades.

Use Light And Breezy Summer Scarves

Scarves are a great way to add popping color elements to your monotonous dresses. Go for a light scarf in pastel colors. Wrap it around your neck or use it as a belt for your dress. You can also use lengthier scarves as sarongs for that extra cover when you are being the beach babe. Prints or no prints, as long as they are on the lighter side, they’re sure to seal your summer look the right way.

Sunglasses, Wear Em Always

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for summers. Not only do they help protect your eyes from the UV rays and prevent skin damage, if you pair them the right way with your dress, they can also make your outfit look way cooler. And with so many materials and designs which are available these days, trying them all out is just way too much fun to say no to. The retro styles from the 1960s are trending these days. However, the aviators, wayfarers, and the classic round glasses can never go out of fashion. If you want more coverage of your eyes, opt for oversized glasses. Just sunglass your way to looking fabulous this summer.

These fashionable add-ons are bound to freshen up your summer look with every passing sunny day. Remember to style yourself in a functional manner so that you can brave the summer heat easily.

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