How To Choose Top Fashion Outfits for Women During Colder Periods

When the temperatures drop outside, and the clouds come out, that doesn’t mean you can’t still look fashionable while Winter closes and we await the milder Spring weeks.

There are plenty of warm, winter-friendly clothing options that are sure to keep your body warm during the tail end of Winter, while showing off your keen sense of style.

Invest in a few staple pieces to help you make a statement while still having suitable clothes for less than mild weeks in Spring.

Printed Tights

Who says you can’t show off your legs during the winter? Keep your legs warm by wearing a thick pair of tights. Look for tights that come in different prints to really add some interest to your wardrobe.

For example, animal print tights are the perfect way to compliment a black pencil skirt. This fashion statement is modest enough to be worn at the office.

Checked Coats

Instead of settling on a plain, neutral coat, consider spicing up your wardrobe with a highly fashionable checked coat. Taller women look great in checked coats that are floor length.

However, if you’re shorter, a waist or hip length coat will help you appear taller. The bold check pattern is easily paired with jeans or simple trousers.

Double Jumper

Jumpers are a must in the winter season. Instead of wearing a single jumper, consider wearing two at the same time. Simply tie the sleeves of a second jumper around your neck, creating a warm and highly fashionable scarf.

Belted Coat

If you feel lost in your cosy coat, consider adding a belt around the waist. The belt will cinch in any extra fabric and accentuate your waist. Paired with tall boots and a large bag, you’ll be ready to hit the town.

Pop of Colour

Even though the days are shorter, and the sky is grey, you can still rock a bold pop of colour. Mustard yellow is sure to liven up your day and put a smile on your face. Keep your outfit simple and mix a single coloured piece with neutrals.

Riding Boots

You don’t have to be in the stables to enjoy a pair of riding boots. Not only are riding boots highly fashionable with both skirts and trousers, but they will also keep your legs warm. You won’t worry about cold feet when you go window shopping in town.

Trench Coats

Private investigators aren’t the only ones who can sport a trench coat. This oversized option is sure to keep you toasty. Consider stepping away from traditional khaki and look for more modern materials.

Vinyl trench coats are making a comeback. This shiny, slippery material is not only warm, but it is also water resistant. You’ll never be caught off-guard in a sudden UK rainstorm.

Red Lips

Simple makeup with bold, red lips looks especially divine in the winter. Paired alongside rosy cheeks and pale winter skin, your lips will become the focal point of your outfit.

Wear a pair of oversized sunglasses to make your red statement lips stand out even more.

Take Risks

Fashion is all about being yourself. Don’t feel nervous about mixing patterns or wearing clashing colours. Try out different textures and rare fabrics; consider womens clothing on finance as with Jacamo or La Redoute and spread your payments out. If you feel good about your outfit, others will take notice. Walk with confidence, even when you’re bundled up from head to toe.

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