How to Deal With Anxiety at Christmas

Christmas can be an overwhelming time for many people and the build up to it can lead to increased feelings of anxiety. From the financial implications of buying everyone presents to new party outfits for all the social gatherings that come with it, it can be a stressful time. Not only that, but some people don’t have family or friends to spend the festive period with.

If you find this time of year difficult to cope with, here are some tips you can follow which will hopefully relieve some of the stress that this time of year can bring.

Make time for yourself

When it comes to Christmas, we put a lot of energy into the thoughts and feelings of other people, often neglecting our own needs. It’s important to take some time for yourself, whether it’s to listen to some music, read a book or watch a film. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you relax and be kind to yourself.

Remember to relax

Trying to relax at this time of year when there’s so much going on can be hard, but there are remedies you can take which can help. Health supplements such as CBD oils have many therapeutic benefits which can ease anxiety, although these claims are not backed by science.

Try to stay active

Over Christmas it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle with so many delicious foods and treats on offer. It’s best to keep as active as possible during this time and even though it’s dark and cold for longer periods of the day, try to get out and about on a walk or run. A lot of gyms offer 24 hours access which means you don’t have to skip the exercise.

Practice mindfulness

If the festivities start to feel overwhelming, take yourself out of the situation by finding somewhere quiet to practice at least 10 minutes of mindfulness. This will help you feel calm and relaxed and deter any feelings of stress and anxiety. There are apps you can download such as Headspace or Calm that allows you to practice mindfulness sessions.

If you do start to experience anxiety or stress around Christmas, try to follow these tips but remember that there are professional services available with people you can talk to.

Prepare yourself before the party with some relaxation techniques

Getting into a calm state of mind before you even leave your house can help you to stay calm during the party. Set aside at least 15 minutes before the party to do something that is relaxing for you.

Take a few minutes by yourself

Even a few minutes away from the holiday party can help you cope with your anxiety by separating you from what is stressing you. It will give you the time, quiet, and space you need to calm down.

Take some deep breaths

Deep breathing can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure and decrease other signs of stress and anxiety. When you feel yourself becoming anxious, take a few breaths to calm yourself and help you cope with what is going on.

Plan in advance

Getting ready for the party by planning in advance will greatly reduce your anxiety about the party. You will have time to make sure you have everything you want and need to make the party a success without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Ask for help

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything on your own. Instead, ask your family and friends to help you with the party. Getting the people around you to help with the party can help you cope with your anxiety by giving you less to do and more support.

Turn to family and friends

One of the worst things you can do when you are having difficulties during the holidays is to isolate yourself. While you don’t have to attend every holiday party there is, make sure you are spending time with the people you care about.

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