How to Decorate Your Christmas Food

If you want to transform your Christmas dinner into something truly magical, then this is the right article for you. Transform your ordinary food into Christmas magic and put a smile on your kids face.

Here are some ideas how to decorate your Christmas food:

Hot Dog Boots

Candle Light Salad

Chocolate Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Broccoli Salad

Hot Dog Wrath

Cheesy Reindeer

Santa Bread

Chocolate Chips Christmas Tree

Delicious Stockings

Eggs and Carrots Snow Man

Determine the type of tree you wish to use

Fake trees are more convenient to use from year to year, while many families greatly prefer live trees for their aroma, as well as seeming more lifelike.

Gather your food

See “ingredients” for ideas!

  • Candy canes
  • Popcorn
  • Fruit
  • Cookies

Stick candy canes onto the branches

Candy canes are the most common food item put onto trees, and for a good reason, too! There are a million flavors and colors to choose from! The more types of candy canes you have, the more colorful the tree will be.

Make a popcorn chain

Popcorn chains are yet another classic, and they’re easy to make! Just pop some popcorn and thread a needle. Push the needle through the center of the popcorn kernel. Repeat until you are happy with the length of the chain.

Make other chains

You can use any firm but not too hard food item, such as cranberries or raisins. Be careful the food doesn’t spoil, though!

Decorate your tree with some non-food objects, if you’d like

String lights around, and place ornaments in the gaps.

Use red, white, and green for a traditional Christmas look

Pick darker greens and reds rather than vibrant tones. Use a little of each color to add accents to your table. If the table is set using these colors, your guests will easily recognize it as Christmas-themed.

Pick a monochromatic color scheme for an elegant, modern table

Instead of mixing a lot of colors, settle on one of them to tie your whole table together. Use lighter and darker shades of the color to add accents to your decoration.

Cover your table with a simple tablecloth or table runner

Not only will this help protect your table in case someone spills, but it also adds a fancy look to your dining room. Use a cloth or runner that’s long and wide enough to fit your table.

Set placemats for each one of your guests

Though placemats aren’t necessary, they can be a striking visual on your table. Choose placemats that are a different color than your tablecloth so they stand out.

Use cloth napkins or festive disposable ones

Cloth napkins make a great impression during special occasions. Fold the napkin into a design for each person at the table to add extra flair. If you want to use disposable napkins, look in the seasonal holiday aisle at your local store to see if they have any napkins with printed designs.

Use decorative dishes or china

Bring out glass plates that you have for the holiday season or buy a set from your local department store. If you have a large enough set, use matching dishes for each table setting. Otherwise, use plates with a similar color scheme.

Stack smaller plates and bowls on top of the large plates

Start by setting your largest plate in the center of the placemat, then place the rest of the plates on top of it so the smallest one is on top. Put the bowl on top of the plates to remove clutter from the table.

Put forks on the left sides of the plates and spoons and knives on the right

From left to right, the setting should be fork, plate, knife, and spoon. Make sure the blade side of the knife faces the plate.

Set out nice drinking glasses in front of each plate

Glasses will make your table look more formal than if you use plastic cups. Give each plate a regular glass as well as a stemmed goblet to serve water and wine during your dinner.

Place a treat or small gift at each setting

Wrap a small holiday-themed present and place it on each plate as a small surprise for your guests. Otherwise, set a Christmas cookie or candy cane on each plate for a sweet treat before dinner.

Use pine branches and pinecones for a natural-looking centerpiece

Lay the branches across the length of your table. Scatter pinecones throughout the branches so they’re evenly dispersed across the table. Hang small bulb ornaments or wrap tinsel around the branches for added decoration.

Fill bowls with ornaments and ribbon for a simple table design

Use clear glass bowls in the middle of your table and put variously sized bulb ornaments inside them. Be careful when you handle the ornaments so they don’t break. Make one bowl the centerpiece or line multiple bowls across the table lengthwise.

Light unscented candles to add elegance

Keep the candles in holders and space them out evenly across the table. Make sure they are unscented since you don’t want their smell to mix with the smell of your food. Light them before you eat to add ambiance to your meal.

Keep poinsettias in a vase in the center of your table for a classic look

Poinsettias are a classic Christmas shrub, so add them to your centerpiece to accent your table. Put the vase with the poinsettias in the middle of the table and fill the vase halfway with water to keep them fresh.

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