How to Develop a Basic Exercise Routine for Home Workouts That Suit the Whole Family

Working out with your entire family, doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Getting in shape together, spending time with the family and becoming overall healthy without leaving anybody out sounds like a good plan. It can, however, be hard to come up with a basic exercise routine regarding home work-outs that everybody is able to do and likes, especially when you are with more than two people. No worries, here are some good plans to help you.


Find something that everybody in the household likes; Although this can be hard, it is suggested that you do the following to make this work:

  • Sit down with the whole family. Make a list of exercises you all genuinely enjoy doing. You like running? Great! You like walking distances and remaining clean? Cool! Rather get covered in sweat and feel super duper accomplished? Amazing!
  • Make a list of things you are not willing to do, too. Push-ups? Eek! Squats? Yikes!
  • If part of your family is into leg raises and the other half loathes it, but is totally up for crunches, then divide in two or more groups. Try to do, for example, ab exercises, at the same time. One group can do what they are comfortable with and the other can do theirs. Different exercises can mean the same results, peeps! There is a large spectrum of them you can easily find on the internet.

Make a plan; Consider the following when putting this plan together:

  • When does everybody have time? Do you like to work out in the morning, afternoon or evening? Which days would suit for you all? Plan, plan, plan!
  • Start with stretches (you can find great techniques online) and then do some light cardio. Running or quick walking, in your place or around the neighborhood (such as a park), are good options, but there are many more.
  • Is it smart to do crunches after leg raises? Not really! Your abs will ache from the previous work-out, especially in the beginning. Find a balance. Try to schedule in, for example; abs first, leg exercises, then arms, glutes next and then your back. Think about what will feel good for all of you.

Ensure that there is adequate rest provided; Giving your body rest and good care is one of the most important things when it comes to being in shape and healthy. If your family consists of more generation, which it most likely does, it is necessary to adapt and attune. Older people, the little children and persons with little stamina, will need more breaks than the others. If you want to do this together, you’re going to need to find a compromise on this.

Take action once your plan is finished and keep on working; Just having an amazingly developed work-out plan hanging somewhere around the house, but never doing anything with it won’t help any of you. For this step, it is important to know if your family is actually willing to participate in this. Are you ready to absolutely go for it? Are all of you? If the answer is yes, start as soon as possible and don’t quit until you feel it’s time to move on to something else (do not expect this to be within two or three months).

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