How To Do Eye Makeup in an Easy and Distinctive Way

Eye makeup highlights the beauty of the face in general, and eyes in particular as there are many ways and tricks to learn how to make eye makeup, including the following way that takes only minutes.

Steps to the fastest way to put eye makeup:

  • Sprinkle light points of foundation cream and then distributed with sponge distribution cream base on the face.
  • Spread free powder (loose powder) on the face to install the foundation cream.
  • The eye shadow is placed dark color according to desire, and is distributed well on the eyelid using the eye shadow brush.
  • A layer of eye shadow is placed in a light or light color suitable for the dark color that has already been placed on the eye, and this layer is distributed well.
  • The eye is drawn by eye liner through the beginning of the eye from the inner side to the nose and to the outside until the end of the eye.
  • Draw the eye from the inside of the kohl.
  • Mascara placed on the upper eyelashes with waiting for seconds before putting another layer

Doing Natural-Looking Eye Makeup

Brush a neutral eyeshadow across your eyelid. Load an eyeshadow brush with your makeup of choice and simply swipe it across your entire closed eyelid. Stop just above your crease.

  • Avoid shimmery eyeshadows during the day if you’re going for a “no makeup” look.
  • Taupes, browns, honeys, and creams are the best eyeshadows to use for natural-looking makeup.
  • Pick a color that is either slightly darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. If your skin is darker, a lighter eyeshadow usually works best, and vice versa if you’re on the paler side. If you have medium skin, then you can pick either.
  • Even neutrals can stand out and be obvious if you pick one too different from your natural skin tone.

Dab a touch of highlighter at the inner corner of each eye. Select a very light eyeshadow, such as honey or white. Lightly load a clean eyeshadow brush and touch it to the corner of your eye near your tear ducts. This small detail will brighten up your eyes.

  • You can also choose to use any other type of powder highlighter for this step. Foundations, concealers, and contouring kits will work here.

Blend your eyeshadow well. Use either a clean eyeshadow brush or the same brush you used on your main eyeshadow. Start from the upper outer corner of your eye where the eyeshadow begins. Make small, circular buffing motions across your eye’s crease with the brush. Go over it a few times until the makeup looks totally natural.

  • Blending softens harsh lines to create a more natural look. Here, well-blended makeup will form a gradient from your lid color to the surrounding skin tone.
  • Since you only have one neutral color, it shouldn’t take much time to blend properly.

Put on some subtle eyeliner. Apply a thin strip of eyeliner along your upper lashline.

  • For the natural look, avoid heavy eyeliner. If your skin and eyes are fairly dark, some eyeliner on your lower lashline can appear natural. Otherwise, stick to the upper lid only.
  • If you’re a beginner and making a straight line is difficult, try using a kohl pencil rather than liquid or gel liner. Kohl pencils are easier to smudge and blend.
  • If you have blonde or red hair, consider using a brown or taupe eyeliner. Black eyeliner can stand out too much on people with lighter hair.
  • If you’re just learning how to do makeup, applying eyeliner can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to make it look natural. Consider skipping it for now if you have trouble.

Finish up with some light mascara. Brush a single layer onto your top lashes.

  • Like eyeliner, this is another step that’s optional for the natural look. Mascara is much easier to apply also but isn’t essential, especially if you have naturally well-defined eyelashes.
  • Wipe excess mascara off your brush before applying.
  • If you have blonde hair or red hair, brown mascara will look more natural than black.

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