How To Do Yoga Poses And Exercises That Will Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Working out at least 20 minutes a day can help you increase your body energy, burn fat and lose weight. This means that everyone can make some time to tone their body and improve their health. If you’re most worried about the abdomen area, then you can relax because we have an easy workout plan that can help you get rid of the annoying belly fat.

Here are some yoga poses and exercises that can help you get rid of belly fat:

Vertical leg lifts

This exercise will strengthen your lower abdominal muscles.
Lie on your back with legs together and straight. Place your arms straight, at your side. Lift both eggs up and keep them straight. Slowly lower your legs to 5 cm above the floor.Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then return to starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Side Bends

This will help you stretch your upper body and strengthen your obliques.
Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms straight over your head as you inhale. Lower your left arm down the left side and stretch the right arm over your head. Exhale. Bend your body to the left. Get back to starting position. Repeat on the other side. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Boat Pose

This pose will reduce your belly fat and improve your stamina.
Sit with bent knees and feet on the floor. Slightly lean back and lift your feet so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Stretch your arms out of you at shoulder height. Keep the pose with bend knees for 30 seconds. Tighten your abs while keeping the pose. Put your feet back on the floor. Repeat the pose, but with straight legs. Hold the pose a long as you can.

Forearm Plank

This pose will strengthen your abs and core muscles.
Get on your forearms and keep your shoulders directly over your elbows. Your arms should form a 90-degree angle. Lift your knees up. Keep a straight line from the top of your head up to your heels. Look down and tighten your abs. Hold the pose for at least 60 seconds.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose will strengthen your arms, shoulders and will tone your abs.
Lie down on your stomach. Stretch your legs and put your hands under your shoulders. Move your elbows back. Strengthen your arms and start lifting your chest up off the floor. Inhale. Press the shoulder blades against your back. Hold the pose for 30 seconds. Return to starting position. Exhale.

Look into hybrid yoga classes

Yoga in and of itself does not burn a lot of calories. However, hybrid yoga classes often combine yoga with forms of aerobics. This may result in a higher caloric burn, allowing you to burn more calories and possibly lose weight with yoga.

Try power yoga

Power yoga is a form of yoga that encourages complicated athletic poses. You focus on muscle groups you need to use for activities like cycling, running, and weight lifting. If you do power yoga a few times a week, you can increase your strength and stamina when you engage in aerobic activities. This could lead to a higher calorie burn during other forms of exercise, and when you move throughout the day.

Try hot yoga

Hot yoga may help with quick weight loss. This type of yoga is typically done in a classroom setting in a room heated to 105 °F (40.6 °C) with increased humidity. Hot yoga can help you shed some unwanted water weight. However, evidence is mixed as to whether or not hot yoga helps with weight loss long term.

Aim for 90 minute sessions

Yoga poses are often slow-moving, so the weight loss tends to be less overall. You’ll burn more calories during 20 minutes of aerobics than 20 minutes of yoga. This is why 90 minute sessions are key if you want yoga to be a major component of your weight loss strategy. You need longer sessions to burn more calories and achieve your goals.

Go for poses that encourage muscle building

While yoga is not necessarily a primary form of aerobic exercise, it can help with weight training. Building your muscles and core can help you strengthen your body. This can provide you with more endurance during aerobic exercise, so your body is able to go longer during aerobic routines.

Start slow if you are new to yoga

Yoga is not easy and can cause a lot of strain to various muscle groups. Certain positions may not be appropriate for beginners. If you’ve never done yoga before, it’s best to start in a class. A qualified instructor can help you determine your present fitness level and give you advice and feedback on what moves are safe for you. Check your local yellow pages, or browse the internet, to find yoga instructors and classes in your area.

Embrace mindfulness when you eat

Yoga helps you foster a sense of awareness about yourself and your body. This can help you become more mindful when you eat, allowing you to be more aware of when you’re feeling full and satisfied. Remember how to be in the present moment when you eat, and work on practicing mindful eating.

Become more aware of your body

Yoga also teaches you to become more aware of your body. This can help you be more aware of when you want food, and be more aware of the kinds of food you need to feel fulfilled.

Reduce the stress in your life

Stress can cause weight gain for a variety of reasons. People who are stressed tend to eat emotionally, and may eat unhealthy foods they would otherwise avoid. Doing yoga regularly can help you reduce your overall stress, as yoga encourages you to stay in the present moment and be aware and accepting of yourself. Practice yoga regularly with the aim of reducing stress to help you lose weight.

Add regular aerobic activity to your routine

It’s hard to lose weight doing only yoga, as it does not burn as many calories as other traditional forms of exercise. If you weigh 150 pounds, you’ll burn 170 calories for an hour of yoga. However, if you do an hour of aerobics, you’ll burn 340 calories. While yoga has many benefits for weight loss, such as increasing the strength of core muscles and potentially preventing emotional eating, you should supplement yoga with regular cardio and aerobic activity.

Eat a healthy diet

Diet is one of the main factors when it comes to weight loss. In fact, diet may have a bigger impact on weight loss than exercise. Strive for a healthy, low-calorie diet, that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

Consult a doctor before making any major lifestyle changes

If you’re going to be making any lifestyle changes to lose weight, talk to a doctor first. You want to make sure your body is ready for a change given your medical history and current health. Make an appointment with your regular physician to talk over your diet and exercise plan. He or she can help you craft a diet that suits your particular needs.

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