How To Get Lash Extensions For The Summer

Summer is a great time to get your lashes done, they will give you longer looking, lifted lashes and more wide-awake eyes which means you can literally get up and go with minimal makeup perfect for getting ready when the sun is shining and you have great glowing summer skin. Just make sure you’re taking care of them properly. Care must be taken while wearing any form of lash extensions; avoid excess heat, and wear shades to prevent the lash bond from weakening, making sure to note that oil-free makeup remover should be used.

Summer is here, and you know what that means it is time to lay low on makeup, and let the beauty of our skin speak for itself. Most of the time women stay away from doing anything drastic because they are worried that it may come off at any point during the day.

However, what if we told you that you can do your makeup worry free and still end up with amazing and long lasting results? Speaking of longevity, we highly recommend getting lash extensions, keeping things as matte as possible, and playing around with low coverage base products.

SPF + Moisture

Now, we know that not everyone is a fan of SPF’s, but you should jump onto this trend.
Even just by applying this on top of your skin you will end up with that glowy, hydrated, and healthy complexion. A good base will allow your skin not only to look good, but it will actually give you the right protection while allowing you to properly tan.
Reach for an SPF 30, apply it as a base to your makeup, and then apply your favorite pore minimizing primer on top. Dab all the products in the skin by making tapping motions before you proceed with your foundation. Make sure you never swipe the product since this way you will minimize its benefit.

Sheer Coverage

It is time to let your freckles come through girl! This time of the year is all about that glow from within and a natural base, with a hefty amount of bronzer.
Apply your favorite sheer foundation, your BB cream, or your trusted concealer only to some parts of your face. Let the product sit on top for more coverage and let it sink into your skin so it lasts longer throughout the day. Apply it with your fingers if you are in a rush, or use your trusted brush or beauty sponge if you have some time to sparse.
Set only if really necessary, or if you have oily skin.

Bronzer + Brows

These two makeup items will add the most dimension to your skin, and will definitely round up the face. However, since you are craving longevity and you need optimal results, make sure you use waterproof products.
A must-have for the summer season for your brows has got to be a tinted brow gel. This item is an amazing choice if you need only a bit of pigment and a lot of hold throughout the day. Simply apply 2-3 coats on top of your brows and you will enjoy a naturally bushy outcome.
Bronzer wise, make sure you give yourself a sun-kissed golden hour look! Apply your favorite matte bronzer to your cheeks, your forehead, and only add a bit to your nose. This will leave you with a tanned outcome and will look great on any skin tone.

Eyelash Extensions

Never had eyelash extensions before? Don’t worry about it, we will guide you through it.
Beautiful lash extensions are done at a certified salon by a lash expert and can last you anywhere from 2-4 weeks. These are super sturdy, high quality, heat and water resistant, which actually makes them ideal for the summer season.
With these on you can freely swim around, run, workout, tan, and enjoy your daily activities. However, the best part about getting them is knowing that you won’t need to do your eye makeup early in the morning. Think about it. Your eyes will look exotic and beautiful on their own, no reason to reach for heavy eyeliners or dramatic shadows, you can look awoke and naturally beautiful 24/7!

Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted lip balm is an amazing product which can have a multi-purpose. How? Well, you can use it as tinted lippie, but it can also act great as a blush. Women who need diversity and who love multitasking with the same type of products will love this makeup item.
You can purchase a light nude, coral or pink shade and apply it to your cheeks and lips whenever the pigment fades. Slowly and gently dab in with your index finger and enjoy the smooth, natural, flirty, and simple everyday makeup look.

Here are a few tips to keeping your lash extensions looking fabulous all Summer long:

Rinse your lashes after Swimming

Over time, both chlorine & salt water can affect lash retention. So, whether you are swimming in a pool, lake or the Ocean, we recommend rinsing with fresh water post swim, and then combing through your lashes with a lash wand or patting them dry to remove excess water.

Avoid direct/extreme heat near your lashes

Exposing your lashes to extreme heat can the curl, or even worse…singe the lashes! When grilling or snuggling up next that toasty campfire, make sure not to stand too close or directly over the heat, to keep your lashes in tact and looking beautiful!

Summer = increased activity & exercise = more sweat

It’s pretty impossible to run around in the sun and not sweat. Sweat carries natural oils from your skin, that can run into your eyes, and affect lash retention.we strongly believe in the benefits of exercise and . However, to combat the effects of that sweat on your lashes, we recommend using a towel or sweatband when hitting the gym, or in extreme sweating situations rinse lashes post workout with fresh water.

Keeping your lashes clean!

Being outside more camping, hiking, swimming, etc- can lead to increased dirt & debris collecting in your lashes. We recommend keeping them clean by rinsing in the shower, allowing the water to pass through, or using our lash cleanser and super gentle cleansing brush to thoroughly clean them regularly.

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