How to Get Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Blackheads are caused by clogged pores. Hormonal changes, particularly those related to puberty, typically trigger the formation of blackheads. There are a number of doctor approved methods that are known to effectively treat acne.If your preference is to say away from the doctor, there are also natural, home solutions. Many of them, however, are untested, so that their effectiveness is unclear.

Treating Blackheads

Apply tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be purchased at any drug store. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that make it helpful in cleaning out your pores.Find a 5% tea tree oil gel. Use it once per day to start treating blackheads.

  • You can purchase undiluted tea tree oil and mix it with other oils, but tea tree oil can irritate the skin when applied undiluted, so it is recommended that you mix the essential tea tree oil with a carrier oil or with a face cream before applying.
  • Apply the diluted mix to your face and allow it to sit for ten minutes before rinsing it off.
  • If you have sensitive skin, tea tree oil might be too strong for you. Consider a different option.

Use bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is thought to be effective for healing skin and can be purchased online. Mix in enough water that the clay becomes pliable so that you can apply it on your face. Rub a thin layer over your face and allow it to sit for 10-25 minutes.

Use a mechanical brush. Drug stores sell mechanical brushes that can be used to clean your face. This will help loosen up the blackhead in preparation for a pore strip. Follow the directions on the box to ensure that you are using the brush correctly.

  • The brush should be moist to help it move over your skin.Turn it on and run it over your skin in conjunction with a cleansing cream. The brush will exfoliate your skin and help the cream penetrate deeper into your pores.
  • You should clean and replace the head of the brush frequently.
  • There are several models and types of brushes. The faster the head of the brush, the more effective it will be.There are also several shapes; a round brush is the best for cleaning your face. The smaller the brush, the easier it will be to get hard to reach spots.

Use milk and honey to create pore strips. Milk and honey are both thought to be good for the skin, but they can also stick to the blackhead, creating a homemade pore strip. Pore strips, will, ideally, lift the blackhead directly off the skin. As is generally the case, a pore strip is most effective when the blackhead has already been softened up.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of organic taw honey with 1 teaspoon milk. Heat for about 5 to 10 seconds in a microwave. When the solution has cooled to a comfortable temperature, apply it to the blackheads. Stick a clean strip of cotton to the milk and honey mix that you have applied to the blackhead. Wait at least 20 minutes for it to dry. Peel the cotton away and rinse the site with cold water.

Apply a sugar rub. This simple remedy requires that you clean your face thoroughly. Subsequently, take granulated sugar, possibly with a teaspoon of lemon, and rub it into your face. This solution should exfoliate your skin. Afterward, wash your face off.

  • Although you can try this technique, you should be wary of it. Abrasive solutions can be counterproductive in the fight against acne.

Try a tomato mask. Some claim that an overnight tomato juice mask will do wonders for blackheads. Simply squeeze out the juice and then spread it across your face. Leave it on when you go to sleep. Wash off the juice the following morning.

Preventing Future Blackheads

Wash your face once a day. It is a myth that blackheads are caused by poor hygiene. However, washing your face once or twice per day with soap and water is beneficial. Washing more often than that can actually be abrasive and make your acne worse.

Keep your skin hydrated. Hydrating lotions, soaps, and creams can be purchased over the counter at any drug store. Follow the directions on the box. These will keep your skin from becoming dry and damaged.

Refrain from abrasive creams. Many people will recommend that you use rough scrubs on your face to get rid of acne. However, these can actually irritate your face and make your acne worse. Use gentle soaps when washing your face.

Don’t pick what you have. Popping blackheads is a rite of passage for many teenagers, but it shouldn’t be. Not only can popping and picking blackheads leave scars, it can spread acne by producing inflammation. Be patient with your acne treatment.

Skip the sweat. It is commonly believed that you can sweat out a blackhead either with a sauna or exercise. Actually, evidence seems to indicate that high temperatures and humidity can make acne worse. You should probably skip these treatments.

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