How to Get Rid of The Unwanted Facial Hair

Most women struggle with having facial hair and try different methods to get rid of them. You can easily get rid of your facial hair at home and we are going to teach you how.

Facial hair can be caused by many reasons and they especially appear in women that suffer from hormonal disbalance. If you don’t like having facial hair and you’re looking for a way to get rid of them, then we have the perfect solutions for you.

Here’s how you can get rid of the unwanted facial hair:

Standard Ways of Removing Hair

The most standard ways of removing facial hair are by waxing and tweezing. Don’t you ever shave your facial hair with a razor! Waxing will help you get rid of your facial hair and you’ll be hair-free for a longer period of time. If you want the waxing to be less painful, apply something cold on your face before waxing it.

If you use a tweezer to get rid of your facial hair, you need to be extra careful. Tweezing can damage your skin and the new hairs will grow stronger and darker.

Laser Hair Removal and Electroliza

These two treatments are permanent, but they’re quite expensive. Unfortunately, they aren’t 100% safe and that’s why you need to look for an expert if you decide for any of these treatments.


Creams contain tons of chemicals and that’s why you need to test the cream before using it directly on your face. Apply a small amount of cream on your hand and see if causes any irritation.

Natural Waxing Cream

The natural waxing cream is great for removing facial hair. To prepare the cream you’ll need equal amounts of curcuma and chickpeas. Mix the two ingredients and add some water to get a thick paste. Apply the mixture on the area you want to treat and let it dry. Remove the cream with a wet towel. This hair removing method is good, but it can cause redness on your skin.

Moll Hair

Don’t try to remove hair from your molls on your own!

Try tweezing

Tweezing, or pulling the hair out with tweezers, is a cheap and effective way to remove hair from any area on the face. The major downsides are only that it is time-consuming and somewhat painful, especially in sensitive areas.

Try an epilator

An Epilator is a device, usually priced between $30-100, which works by pulling out multiple hairs at once. While effective, fast, and relatively inexpensive, it can be painful the first few times it’s used. Like with waxing, however, the pain lessens over time as you become used to the sensation.

Try dyeing the hair

Often referred to as “bleaching”, this is the practice of dyeing the hair to be the same or a similar color to the skin tone. This makes it less noticeable. What color you choose will be based on your skin tone and special kits can often be purchased for the face.

Try threading

The pain of waxing and the expense of an epilator not for you? Threading is an easy way to remove hair from your brows, lip, or face in general. This method is simple to learn, easy to do, relatively painless, and doesn’t require any tools. All you need is some string! You can also go in to a salon for professional threading, but only if you really want to.

Try trimming

If you are worried about your eyebrows more than other facial hair, consider trimming the hair rather than removing it. Trimming the eyebrows can make them appear less thick and dark and is easy and cheap to do yourself at home.

Shave sparingly

You can, of course, also shave any facial hair which bothers you. While it is not true that shaving will make hair grow back thicker or darker, shaving will often cause shaving bumps and is most likely to cause ingrown hairs so use shaving sparingly or with appropriate precautions.

Try prescription creams

There is a prescription cream which will work very similarly to the depilatories above. While it is not usually able permanently remove hair on its own, there is some evidence that it can occasionally produce this effect. However, since it is usually considered an elective treatment, the cream may not be covered under your medical insurance.

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