How To Get Strong and Beautiful Nails

We all want our nails to look healthy and beautiful and we spend a lot of time and money to achieve this. There are many products and nail polishes on the market that guarantee to make your nails stronger and beautiful. We believe that nature gives us the best remedies for everything and that’s why we are giving you the some best natural nail masks. These homemade, natural mixtures will make your nails stronger and healthier.

Salt and Iodine Mask

Mix 1 tbsp. salt and a few iodine drops. Apply this mixture directly on your nails to make your nails stronger.

Honey and Lemon Mask

Mix some lemon juice and honey. Apply the mixture directly on your nails and leave it on for 30 minutes. This mask is amazing for nails that are prone to brittle.

Ground Red Pepper Mask

Mix ½ tbsp. ground red pepper with a few tbsp. of water. Apply the mixture on your nails before going to bed and put some gloves on. Leave the mixture for the while night. This masks will stimulate your nails to grow faster.

Cacao and Coconut Mask

Mix 1 tbsp. honey, 1 tbsp. coconut oil and 1 tbsp. cocoa oil. Apply the mixture on your nails and leave it overnight. This mask will help your nails have a more healthy color.

Lemon Mask

Lemon mask is the best mask for whitening your nails. Squeeze one lemon in a bowl, dip your nails into the lemon and keep them in the bowl for 15 minutes.

Moisturize the cuticles with oil

Dry nails are brittle nails. To reduce splitting and breaking, rub a moisturizing cream or olive oil into the cuticles daily.Petroleum jelly or a thick, greasy hand lotion that seals in moisture should do the trick as well.

Consider biotin supplements

Biotin may not have much of an effect unless you have severely brittle nails, but it may be worth a try. A daily dose of 30 mcg is enough to avoid deficiency. Some people take a much larger daily dose of 2.5 mg to strengthen nails. You can also increase your biotin intake naturally by consuming more eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes, and other dietary sources of this B vitamin.

File carefully

Shape nails with a fine-grit file , avoiding metal files and rough emery boards. File in one direction only, never back and forth. Smoothing away nicks and rough edges can help prevent breakage, but stick to this careful approach.

Eat a healthy diet

Many beauty websites and magazines tout specific foods or supplements. There is little to no evidence that most of these work. In general, a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals from food should be enough to avoid nail problems. Some people may benefit from calcium, iron, zinc, or vitamin B supplements, but only if their diet is low in these substances.

Leave your cuticles alone

The cuticles at the base of your nails protect against fungi and bacteria. Cutting them can lead to an infection that permanently damages the nail bed.

Avoid nail hardeners

These products make untested claims and are rarely worth the risks. Even if they succeed in hardening your nails, the end result may be brittle and easily broken.

Switch nail polish brands

Some nail polishes, especially ones that contain formaldehyde, make the nail brittle and dry. Try switching to a different brand for a few weeks and see what happens. Avoid quick-drying formulas, as these can further dry out your nails.

Take care when removing polish

Never chip or peel off the polish. Always soak it with a nail polish remover until you can easily scrub it away. These polish removers do dry out your nail, so moisturize afterward with nail cream, thick hand cream, petroleum jelly, or olive oil.

Minimize wear and tear

Manual labor, housework frequent hand washing, and exposure to cleaning chemicals can all tear your nails. Wear gloves during these activities when possible.

Go without polish 1-2 times a month to let your nails breathe

Wearing thick polish or wearing polish every day can dry your nails out, making them brittle. Spend at least a few days every month without polish to let your nails breathe and maintain their strength. When you do wear polish, always use a protective base coat and apply your polish in thin layers.

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