How To Get Your Emotions Secretly Age You

Have you noticed that happy people look younger and fresher than people who are angry, sad or stressed? The reality is that we all experience many different emotions and there is no person that can live only in one emotional space. On the other hand, the facial expression you do when you express your mood can be adding years to your face. Many studies have shown that facial expressions and emotions can really age people.

Luckily for you, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent this from happening.

  • Many of the muscles in your face are connected to the skin just to help you make and express your emotions. Sometimes making a certain expression can create an emotion as real as you’ve had that same emotion. Try this: Smile. Don’t you feel a bit happier?
  • It’s a fact that emotions can secretly age you. For example, if you hold in your emotions you most probably will be grinding your teeth. This can make your face more square and bottom heavy which in fact makes you look a bit older.
  • If you frown your face, you might end up with permanent crease between your eyes. Most people choose Botox to get rid of that crease that’s making them look older.
  • Are you a true drama queen? Do you often rub your eyes, squint and cry? Well, you’re more likely to have dark circles under your eyes or smile lines.
  • Being aware of your emotional type can really help you soften your exaggerated expressions that are actually aging you.

Be yourself

Have you ever met someone that’s just so different from you? So different that the way they see the world is just…fascinating? These people aren’t mysterious by nature, they’re just mysterious because of the difference between the two of you.

Be confident

In order to really be yourself in today’s world the one that’s plastered with images from the media about the necessity to blend in and succumb to fleeting trends, you have to be confident. When the world says, “sink or swim?”, it’s the only way you’ll swim. And, oh yeah, people love confident people; they’re super magnetic. They’re persuasive, attractive, and admirable and we often don’t realize why.

Be calm

People who wear their emotions on their sleeves don’t leave much to the imagination. After a few days, you know what eats at them, what makes them happy, and what makes them want to ball up in a corner. But if you’re the person that’s calm all the time, no one will know what really gets you going. This can backfire though they’ll try even harder to find it!

Be polite

Since being mysterious is often equated with “dark” and “aloof,” it’s important to circumvent those negatives by being polite. Being mysterious does not mean being rude or unresponsive. Don’t confuse the two! Everyone deserves being treated well, regardless of how you’re trying to come off.

Be unreadable

Most of our interactions with other people are non-verbal. We have dozens of “tells” going on at any one time indicating to others how we feel at that exact moment. Be aware of this and consciously take advantage of the patterns people are relying on. You know how James Bond gets all serious when he’s telling a joke? Kind of like that. When he’s hitting on a woman he’s stoic, too. And that’s one mysterious guy.

Turn the focus on the other person

This one is surprisingly really easy. Get into a conversation with a person and all you have to do is ask them questions to get them running. After it’s over, they’ll be left thinking how great of a conversationalist you were and not even realizing they didn’t learn anything about you. In short, people love talking about themselves, so take advantage of it!

Talk in facts

When the conversation does roll around to you, talk in facts about other things. Don’t talk in your opinions, beliefs, or experiences. That way you can add value to any conversation without truly giving away something about yourself.

Be mysteriously absent

So in order to get invited to parties, you have to actually go when you are invited. But once you’ve gotten your foot in the door and these people like you, feel free to be mysteriously absent. Don’t show up to something. Make people wonder where you are. Come late. Leave early with no explanation.

Talk in facts

When the conversation does roll around to you, talk in facts about other things. Don’t talk in your opinions, beliefs, or experiences. That way you can add value to any conversation without truly giving away something about yourself.

Keep your past a secret

If you’re the new kid in town and you want to keep the intrigue up, don’t talk about your past. You’d be surprised what you can get away with! When someone asks you where you moved from, say something like, “It matters not where you’ve been — only where you’re going.” Or, you know. Keep it simple and say “Utah” but don’t give any details. That might cause fewer weird looks.

Have perfect posture

Having a slouch shows low self esteem, and instead of seeming mysterious, you’ll seem shy, or like a loner, which you don’t want. The perfect posture is to stick out your sternum, shoulders back, but keep your stomach in a straight line. If your posture is bad, do exercises to Improve Your Posture. Having a perfect posture makes you seem attractive and confident, which will get you positive attention from both men and women, giving you more people to talk to.

Develop your own unique sense of style

Unfortunately, clothing trends make us pretty easy to peg or at least give people the impression that we’re peg-able. Wearing a scarf and thick, black glasses? You’re a hipster. Wearing a top that shows off your chest and a mini skirt? Doesn’t even need to be said. Are your pants down around your knees and your shoes untied? Sheesh. So instead of prescribing to a label, make your own.

Keep the emotions to a minimum.

When people can easily get a rise out of you, they’ll do it. When they know what ticks you off, what really gets you excited, they feel like they get you. Avoid wearing your emotions on your sleeve so you don’t get pegged. When people can’t get a feel for how you feel, they’ll never know what the truth is. When you come up, they won’t even know what you like, what you dislike, and what you stand for. Most people can’t keep their mouths shut!

Stay offline…mostly

You know those people that update their Facebook profiles every six seconds with thoughts like, “OMG, I just forgot to eat dinner” and the like? Don’t be that person. That person is ruining Facebook for the rest of us. Don’t post pictures of everything that’s about to go into your mouth, don’t post selfies you took in your bathroom when you were bored, don’t Vaguebook trying to express your delicate, flowery emotions. When you have something to say online, make it worth it.

Take it to the limit

There are a jillion ideas out there that you could take advantage of if you really want to be mysterious. You could do silly things like wearing dark sunglasses. You could purposefully make your room Gothic and yet princess-themed. You could use air quotes and say things like, “I went to the “post office” today.” You could wear a cape. How far are you willing to go?

Remember to frown less and smile more. Smiling is the perfect and most efficient beauty treatment. So don’t forget to put on a smile!

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