How To Keep Your Lips Moist

Lips can get easily chapped because they’re thin-skinned, they’re exposed to all elements and lack in oil glands. As we get older, our lips get drier, smaller and lose control. Most women don’t pay a lot of attention to their lip care and they should!

These 4 lip care tips will help you have healthier and smoother pout:


Dry lips can mean that you’re not drinking enough water. You need to keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water, herbal teas, coconut water and even eat fruits that are rich in water such as cucumbers and melons.

Stop Obsessively Applying You Chop Stick

The waxy balm you love doesn’t actually do any good for your lips since it doesn’t actually gets absorbed into the lip skin and doesn’t keep your lips hydrated. You can even irritate your lips if you use a chop stick that contains menthol or camphor. Choose a creamy treatment that contains humectants (keep your lips moisturized) and occlusives jojoba, avocado or Shea butter oils that seal the hydration. Apply the treatment before going to bed and wake up with gorgeous and soft lips.

Scrub Off the Dead Skin Cells

You need to scrub off the dead skin cells if you want to have luscious lips. Mix some brown sugar with some olive oil, apply it directly on your lips and gently scrub with soft-brittle toothbrush. Wash your lips with warm water and apply some lip balm. Exfoliate your lips only once a week.

Lip Balm With SPF

Always apply a lip balm that has SPF before leaving the house. If you plan to go the beach, choose balm that has SPF 30.

Drink more water

One of the best ways to defend against dry, damaged lips is to make sure you’re hydrated from the inside out. Aim to get at least 2 liters about 8 glasses a day. As an added bonus, loading up on water will also make your lips appear more full.

Rub on some all-natural almond oil, coconut oil, or shea butter

Scoop up a small amount of oil on your fingertip and smear it directly onto your lips. Fatty oils make great natural conditioners, as they moisten, soften, and give lips a healthy glisten. For best results, apply a little oil 2-3 times a day.

Use cucumber to restore vital moisture

Cut a ripe cucumber into thin slices and place one over each lip while you’re lying down, or use them to dab your lips. It will only take a few minutes for your lips to absorb the hydrating, nutrient-infused juices, but their effects will last all day.

Look for lip balms that protect against drying

Keep an eye out for products formulated with nourishing additives like shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut and jojoba oil. These ingredients reinforce the natural barrier on your lip skin to block out external drying agents and prevent moisture loss.

Pick up an exfoliating lip scrub

Exfoliating removes dead, flaky skin, leaving only the healthiest tissue behind. Get in the habit of exfoliating your lips every few days, or whenever they’re in need. This will be especially important late in the year, when cold weather wreaks havoc on healthy lips.

Slather on a sunblock for your lips

You may not realize it, but your lips are just as vulnerable to sunburn as the rest of your extremities. Luckily, there are a wide variety of lipsticks and balms with built-in sun protection on the market these days. Be sure to apply your product liberally before heading to the beach or going for an afternoon stroll.

Stop licking your lips

Wetting your lips with the tip of your tongue may seem to make a difference in the short term, but it’s really doing more harm than good. Over time, the digestive enzymes found in your saliva will eat through the protective barrier on sensitive lip skin.

Cover up when it’s cold out

Winter weather is notoriously tough on lips. If you have no choice but to brave the elements, pack a scarf or high-collared coat that you can pull up over the bottom half of your face. Not only will it keep your lips off-limits, it will also make you stay warm and comfortable.

Exfoliate your lips

You probably already exfoliate your face, but do you include your lips in your routine, too? Lips tend to get dry and flaky, so they need to be exfoliated every few days to stay in good shape. You can exfoliate your lips the same way you’d exfoliate your face, using a gentle scrub or brush to remove the dead skin cells that have built up.

Moisturize them well

After exfoliating, apply a gentle moisturizer so that your lips stay smooth and supple. Look for a nourishing lip balm made from natural and organic ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, aloe, tea tree oil, and natural waxes, such as beeswax. These ingredients will help to seal in moisture. When you wear lip balm, you end up licking your lips and ingesting a little, so you want to choose one with ingredients aren’t harmful if ingested.

Choose colors that suit your complexion

Lipstick comes in every color of the rainbow, and choosing just the right shade can be a little confusing. Trendy colors are fun to experiment with, but if you want your lips to stand out in a good way, you need to know what colors complement your complexion instead of clashing with it. Have a few staple colors in your collection that you know make you look beautiful, and rotate in some trendier colors now and then to keep your look fresh.

Use lip liner to define your lips and make your look last longer

Choose a lip liner that matches the lipstick or lip gloss you are using. Apply the lip liner to the outer edges of your lips and then apply the lipstick or gloss.

Drink water

Dry, chapped lips often happen as the result of dehydration. The simple act of drinking enough water can make your lips look much more beautiful. Plan on drinking enough water so that you never feel thirsty. Try switching out a regular cup of coffee or glass of alcohol for water instead.

Eat foods that are beneficial for your skin

Eating healthy foods can help to ensure that your lips look their best by meeting your body’s nutritional needs. Eat a diet that includes fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

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