How To Know Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

As the world is turning more and more progressive, and solutions for anything and everything is possible now. It is not necessary to follow nature’s course nowadays and all thanks to digitalization and scientific developments. One such blessing to the world is that of cosmetic surgeries and permanent beauty treatments. As more and more people are becoming conscious about their appearance, cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal and Botox surgeries have come down as blessing.

Laser hair removal is a modern procedure in which body hair is removed with the help of laser techniques. During the process, a concentrated beam of light or laser is the focus at the melanin in your body hair. The heat generated from the ray gradually burns the hair follicles in that particular area and stops or at least delays hair growth.

This is the most modern technique of permanent hair removal and is extremely fast and efficient too. The debate of whether it removes body hair permanently is however, still under research. Laser hair removal is now possible for almost all parts of the body out of which some that are more common are:

  • Armpits
  • Upper lips
  • Bikini Line
  • Shoulders
  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back

Things to remember before the procedure

Laser hair removal is quite an intricate procedure, and you need to prepare your mind and your body to get it done. Before you go for the final session, there is a detailed guideline which you should follow.

Stay calm

First of all, relax and understand that the whole procedure sounds a little painful but is not. You must be a bit worried when you heard that they target laser on your hair pigments but what you may not know is that there is a cooling fan along with the laser equipment to prevent extreme heat on your skin. Just make sure you do not expose yourself to the temperature outside right before the session because in that way, the temperature will be double, and you will feel the pain.

It takes time

The whole procedure takes time to get completed, and you have to hold your patience till then to get the best results. Each session takes place after a span of two weeks, and it usually takes 8-12 sessions in a total package. You get a cooling period after each session as your skin needs to recover from the previous session.

Shave before every session

It is essential that you shave before you go for a laser session. This is because if there is hair on your skin, the heat will burn them, and the sensation is not very pleasant. It is a myth that says the more you shave, and the more will be the hair growth. So try to clean-up before you go to the doctor.

The sessions are fast

Each session will last for about 20 minutes, and the initial make-up removal will take another 10-15 minutes. Hence, the whole affair will not even last an hour.

No work-out

You will not be able to hit the gym or enjoy hot baths or sauna for the next 24 hours post a session. This is because the heat from the laser stays in the skin for about 24 hours.

Benefits or Pros of laser hair removal

Now that you are ready for the whole procedure, why not make you happy by telling you the benefits of laser hair removal. To know more about laser hair removal and Botox, you can refer to Dermani Medspa. For now, it is time to know all the benefits:


There are almost no adverse effects on your skin due to laser hair removal procedures. There can, however be some temporary problems, which fortunately do not even last for a few days.


Laser hair removal is an almost permanent solution as after getting this done, you will no longer have to book those long hours at the parlor to get waxing done. It may come up as a one-time investment, but over the time it will save much money that you had to spend otherwise on the wax sessions, those expensive waxing creams and solutions and also the high-end razors and trimmers.

Not painful

Like in the case of waxing, threading, or even the use of epilators, there is no pulling of hair from the body. This is not at all a painful procedure as compared to all of these. There will be no stinging pain as well as no swelling, redness, burning, or skin irritation.

No waiting required

What happens in case of waxing or threading is that after a session, you need to wait for quite a period for the regrowth of surface hair properly for the next meeting. This is, however, not the case for laser hair removal. You are instead advised to shave before a meeting to prevent hair burning and post a session you can remain hassle-free and do not even have to wait for proper regrowth of hair.


In a laser hair removal procedure, the heat is only focused on a target area and does not spread around to cause any irritation. You can, therefore, rest assured about the fact that if you want to get the treatment on your armpits, there are no chances that the heat will spread to your arms.

Fast and effective

The sessions for laser treatment are generally concise and last for maximum an hour. So, you do not need to book an appointment and spend the whole day at a clinic for one session. Also, the treatment is quite adequate, and you will get remarkable results within 5-7 weeks. Just make sure you are regular with your courses.

Side-effects or cons of laser hair removal

Along with every list of advantages, comes list of disadvantages and this treatment is no exception to the fact.

Redness and irritation

The body reacts to the fact that laser hair removal damages hair follicles of a targeted area, and it results in a little redness, anger, or itchiness. The skin may initially have a tingling sensation and get a small tender just like newly waxed skin. This will only last for a few hours or maybe a day or two. Ice-packs and cold baths will help to soothe and heal the skin quickly.

Skin crusting

You may experience crusting of the skin in the particular area on which the treatment was done. This is a very irritating sensation, but it is a minor issue and does not take very long to heal. You can use recommended moisturizers o prevent skin crusting right after a laser session.

Changes in skin color

Another minor change that you may face is the change of pigmentation of the affected area on your skin. Fair people may face a little darkening of the skin on the targeted area, and the skin may seem a bit faded if your skin tone is dark. The color, however, comes back to normal in a few days.

Eye injury

The whole treatment procedure involves the use of active lasers. This means it can harm the eyes, especially when the area in focus is the face. It is therefore essential that both the practitioner and the person on whom the procedure is being performed wear special laser protective eye equipment.

Skin infection

Any cosmetic skin treatment may result in skin allergies and disease. The targeted area should be treated as an injury until the time it heals completely. Any irritation or changes on that part of the skin should immediately be reported to the practitioner. The other rare side-effects may include burns, small scars, and blisters.

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