How to Make Your Home Feel Brand New

Most people like the feel of new things. This can especially be true when it comes to your home. The question then becomes, what do you have to do to make your home feel brand new? There are a number of changes that you can make as well as habits you can develop to achieve this. For the most part, you want to maintain a neat and tidy space and put effort into making it come alive. On that note, keep reading below, if you want to discover how you can make your home feel brand new.

Even the most timeless decor can feel stale after a while. If your apartment needs a quick makeover, don’t worry about buying a new set of furniture or scrapping all your art.Instead, look to the easily replaceable stuff to get the job done.

Deep Clean Regularly

The first tip for making your home feel brand new is to deep clean regularly. Many times, people don’t spring clean for months at a time. However, when you don’t, you allow dust and dirt to build up around your home. This can lead to a dull atmosphere which won’t give you the new feel you’re going for. Here are a few tips on deep cleaning to try.

  • Do it Room by Room: To start with, when deep cleaning, get ready to do it room by room. However, seeing as you’re doing in-depth cleaning, it may not be something you can do in one day, especially if your house is big. Create a checklist and note what needs to be cleaned in every room, so you don’t leave anything out.
  • Disinfect: One of the goals of a deep clean should be to disinfect and get rid of lingering germs. In light of this, use a good disinfecting spray on your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, and on doorknobs.
  • Clean the Windows: It’s easy to neglect the windows in your home, so while deep cleaning, don’t forget to do some streak-free cleaning. You can get this done with newspaper and vinegar. Wash the windows first and then use crumpled newspaper for a clean finish.

Fix Issues

Another way that you can make your home feel brand new is by fixing any major issues that arise around the house. This could be anything from foundation challenges to water damage. When you have such issues, it could cause your home to fall apart over time. While there may be some you can DIY, others may need to be handled by a professional.

However, if you find that you’re having ongoing issues, it may be time to move homes. Consider getting a head start by looking for homes that you’d like and that are within your budget.

Update Your Furniture

Updating your furniture is another way of giving your home a new feel. Over time, it’s normal for it to become worn, stained or fade. In light of this, as soon as you notice this happening, find a way to revive such pieces or update them instead. Great examples of items you can replace are throw pillows, your sofa, mattresses or throw blankets. You can typically find furniture if you’d prefer that over going to look for some physically.

Paint Often

The walls can make a major difference in the overall look and feel of your house. You should, therefore, commit to painting often. It can be easy for them to begin chipping or get stained, especially if you have kids. Aside from painting the walls, you can also repaint woodwork and cabinets if need be.

Change (or get rid of) your curtains

Curtains are the window equivalent of expertly applied eye makeup. They highlight the view from your windows, add drama, and open up your space. In short, they can completely change the vibe of a room.

If your place feels too dark or heavy, switch your curtains to something white and breezy to let the natural light flow in. Or, if your living room or bedroom feels stark and boring, hang a pair of fun patterned curtains .

Move your bed to a different wall

Before you groan about the amount of work involved, let’s get this straight: all it takes to move your bed is a helpful friend and 10 minutes of your time.

By moving your bed to a different wall, you can totally re-work the layout of your room to create more space. Not only that, but moving your bed is a surefire way to feel like you’ve updated your room without actually doing much.

Swap out sofa pillows

Trading out your decorative sofa pillows is the easiest way to refresh your home. Don’t be afraid to mix it up opt for pillows with different colors, patterns, and textures than your old ones.

If you want a cleaner, more minimalist look, try a set of pillows in complementary neutral tones. For a bold, eclectic aesthetic, mix in a few graphic and striped pillows in vibrant colors. To up the cozy factor of your living room, swap your plain fabric pillows for some with fur or velvet.

Install floating shelves

A set of chic floating shelves has the power to completely transform an ordinary wall. Of course, they’re ideal for storing and displaying your books, dishes, or vinyl records, but they’re also a simple, more functional alternative to regular old framed art.

Add greenery

Liven up your home figuratively and literally with some strategically placed greenery. Plants add color and texture to a space, plus they make your home feel more lived-in and approachable.

Even better than that is the fact that plants can actually reduce your stress levels for real.

Hang art in your bathroom

The ideal bathroom should be functional enough to store your extra toilet paper and beauty products, but also attractive enough to actually enjoy spending time in and hopefully make flossing less boring.

To spruce up your bathroom decor in two minutes, display a small painting, framed photo, or cool print above the toilet or towel rod.

Upgrade your rug

Rugs don’t just anchor a room, they also add depth, texture, and personality to your space.

If your living room lacks energy and intrigue, get a rug that has a vivid color or graphic pattern. If, on the other hand, you want to bring more calm to your space, swap out a visually interesting rug for one in a solid earth tone.

Paint your front door

If your front door is run-down, faded, or covered in peeling paint, it can inadvertently make the rest of your home look and feel old.

To refresh your entryway, give your front door a new coat of paint. Try bright white, sleek black, a pop of neon, or a cool accent color to bring out the different shades in your decor.

Install a pendant light

A hanging pendant works for two reasons: it adds light to your space and , it makes a cool focal piece.

Hang one above your dining table, work area, or entryway.

You can even get rid of the ugly fluorescent lights in your bathroom and hang a small, pretty pendant in there instead the soft, flattering glow will make you smile every time you look in the mirror.

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