How To Making Money Tips For Extra Cash This Christmas

The festive season is upon us and there is no doubt that it is the most expensive time of the year. In fact, even the Bank Of England reports that our spending habits and buying behaviour tends to go out the window towards the end of the year. The average person will spend $920 on holiday gifts, which is an increase of $35 per person since last year… and this is just on gifts. Spending can go a little wild and leave us a little dry in January. Our unique tips could help you make extra cash to cope with the cost of Christmas but also help to ensure you are not short in the months that follow.

Sell Last Year’s Unloved Presents

Second hand apps are becoming more and more popular, especially as consumers become more eco conscious. This means that more consumers are actually shopping using second hand apps and market place sites like eBay, ThredUp or even craigslist. Most of these sites are nothing new, but they are experiencing an increase in consumer traffic and buyers. As a result, you could list your unloved gifts from last year, or anything at all really, to make a little extra cash this Christmas. If you are listing under 10 items or items under a certain value, you might actually be entitled to free listings on sites like eBay; this means pure profit for you to spend on this year’s gifts!

You should look into the cost of putting things up for sale to make sure you are not being charged hidden fees. The top most-sold items on eBay are:

  • Brand new items : Goods that are still in the original packaging
  • Branded goods : Place the brand name in the title of your listing
  • Rare commodities : Vintage items or things you know sold out quickly or were a limited edition are often when many consumers turn to eBay. These could be high earners, too, especially if they are collectibles
  • Job lots : Organise bundles into categories, i.e. luxury to value and sell altogether.

One draw back about using eBay to make money this Christmas is that it could take a little time for the items to sell and can be quite labour intensive. This option might be better suited to those who are looking to maintain their finances throughout January.

Take Out A Christmas Loan

Many people might not consider a taking out loans for Christmas or are aware they are even an option. However, taking out this type of loan could be a low-cost and manageable way to finance your festive period. You can borrow sums from around $2,000, which would comfortably cover the costs of your gifts and anything else you need throughout the coming month.

This could be the best option for those who already have a fully-booked Christmas calendar, as applications can be simple, and it is not a labour intensive way to get your funds together. Moreover, Christmas loans could be available for an extremely competitive interest rate, especially in comparison to other borrowing options of this value. For example, payday loans are available for around the same sum, but the interest rate will be so much higher. These personal loans are a manageable way to enjoy your Christmas, without compromise; buy that extravagant gift or take your loved ones out for a treat they deserve.

It is worth noting that interest will apply, and missing repayments could impact your credit score.

Earn Cash Back On Your Credit

Americans depend on credit cards to help combat their overspending at Christmas time. Data shows that using the wrong card could cost you a lot, with only half of people expecting to be able to repay Christmas debt within three months which is another reason short term credit might not be suitable. However, choosing the right credit card could actually make you money, rather than wrack up bills.

Financial products like the American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card offers 5% returns after spending in the first three months, which is an ideal way to spend this Christmas. Moreover, using an interest free credit card could give you a little breathing room throughout January and February when your cash flow might be a little tight. Although this isn’t necessarily making you money, it is an easy way to finance your Christmas.

Get Paid To Shop

Love shopping at this time of year? Lots of people don’t, can’t make it or need guidance. There are apps that could either give you cash back as you shop, on everything from groceries to your electrical Christmas gifts, or you could sign up to be a personal shopper. The best option for you will depend on how much you are planning to spend this Christmas. If you’re a big-bucks spender, signing up to benefit from cashback is an effortless way to earn some money, without interrupting your normal routine and earns decent returns. Alternatively, signing up to be a personal shopper could earn you a decent hourly wage and is also the better option if you are not planning to spend too much yourself this Christmas. A disadvantage is that this is labour intensive and you can only earn as much as you have hours in the day.

Find a part time job

Many stores, restaurants and other places hire extra holiday and seasonal help.

Join a cleaning crew

Ask about holiday openings at companies that provide residential and commercial cleaning services.

Look for job opportunities in a retail store where you usually shop

Not only will you get paid an hourly wage, you will also get a discount.

Ask about jobs at catering companies and banquet halls

The holiday season is busy for them, and they might be hiring extra prep people and servers.

Get some work landscaping or shoveling snow if you enjoy being outdoors

Lawn care companies can often use extra help at holiday time, as people like to have their lawns and yards prepared for holiday parties and decorations.

Play dress up

Look for opportunities to dress up as Santa Clause, an elf or other holiday characters. Malls and department stores often hire characters for the holiday season.

Offer creative services

Try menu planning or Christmas card design. Think about what you do well and try to turn it into a money-making idea.

Develop clever ways to market your services to potential customers

Use the Internet, word of mouth and flyers or postcards to promote what you do.

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