How to Manage Parenting as a Single Parent

No wonder, being a single parent entails a lot of effort. Especially when you have to raise a child in today’s time, there are several things that need to be considered. Luckily, there are several ways that can help single parents become better versions of themselves. Especially with digital media, parents have several ways to indulge their kids in healthy activities.

Continue reading to know some amazing tips for parenting:

Set Limits in Love

They say it is important for a child to have a mother and father. However, a child only needs love and care. Now that you’re everything for your munchkin, it is best to shower unconditional love but always set limits. Don’t be the parent who fulfills every wish. You should set limits concerning everything in your relationship with the child.

Create a Routine

Instead of going with the flow every day, it is best to settle for a well-planned routine. Now that everyone is in quarantine, you can divide a few hours at home for their studies. You can give them multiplication worksheets or tell them to read storybooks after lunch. This way, children will have a sense of responsibility at home during this time.

Don’t Lean on Others

Managing kids as a single parent is tough, but it doesn’t mean that you start leaning on others all the time. Not to forget, children of this generation are very smart, so the moment your child crosses the age of 6, you can start engaging them in household chores and other stuff. This way, they will quickly learn about managing things themselves.

Make Notes and Develop a Schedule

With so many things on mind, there are very high chances that you forget important things like parent teacher meeting, kidâs dentist appointment, etc. It is best to keep a diary, or a cell phone app where you note down all the things you have to do. You may also enlist them according to their level of urgency. Also important is developing a proper schedule for everything from office work to performing home tasks. It is best to do laundry, cooking, shopping, and other such tasks on weekends so that you can focus on job during the week. The most important thing single paren should make sure is that they should not remain distracted at work, worrying about the household chores and their kids.

Consider Working from Home

Managing domestic tasks and going to work makes your routine tough, leaving no time for relaxation. If you think that your home, especially kids, are getting affected and feeling neglected respective due to your job, which is highly likely, then it is best for you to do work from home. A large number of organizations allow its employees to work from home. Consult your HR team to discuss this. If your current employer can facilitate you then it is great, otherwise its best for you to start looking for online jobs. There are thousands of online jobs for literally every field and for every skill set.

Select quality daycares and schools

You’ll be a lot more productive at work if you don’t have to fret over how well your kids are cared for. Research daycares and schools in the area, read reviews, talk to friends about their choices and select the ones that are best for your family. Meet with their teachers and get their cell numbers in case you need to call.

Bridge the gap between school closing and the time you get off work

If school lets out at 3PM, but you don’t get off work until 5PM, you’ll need a plan for this gap. Enroll your kids in an after school care program or see if they can ride home with a friend.

Use your family and friends as support

Remember that it takes a village to raise a child. Allow your family and friends to help you raise your kids so they can help take some of the burden off you. Put them on the school or daycare’s pick-up list and add them as additional emergency contacts.

Make mornings easy by making preparations the night before

Rather than waking up each morning in chaos trying to figure out what to dress them in or make them for lunch, do this the night before. Pack their lunches, set out and iron clothes, and make a quick breakfast.

Set up a backup care plan

If your child’s daycare or school should close unexpectedly for the day, have a plan in place. Have a few emergency babysitters on call who you can use when you can’t take off work.

Make time for your kids daily

Spend time with your kids each day, remembering that quality is better than quantity. Fifteen minutes outside throwing a ball with them will mean more than playing for an hour while you continuously checking your phone.

Have conversations with your kids

While you are spending time with your kids, encourage them to talk to you about what’s going on in their lives. Ask them about school, their friends, or how their day went. This will show your kids that you are still interested in their lives, even if you don’t have a lot of free time to spend with them.

Be consistent with discipline

Set rules with your kids and enforce them. Being a single parent is tough, but doing so with unruly kids is unbearable. Even though they might not like it and neither will you, punishments are sometimes necessary to teach lessons.

Talk to your boss about your family situation

Set up an informal meeting with your boss so they’re aware that you’re a single parent and may need to leave occasionally if your kids get sick. Let them know that your kids come first, but you’re still very committed to your job.

Keep a calendar and tasklist

You probably have lots of meetings, events, and tasks to do all throughout your day. Organize your work life by keeping a calendar with your meetings and project due dates. Create a tasklist at the start of each day, completing larger tasks first and minor tasks as the day progresses.

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