How To Prepare Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Keto Fat Bombs

Chances are you’ve seen keto fat bombs everywhere online. For anyone following a keto diet, they are a quick, low-carb, high fat snack (or dessert) designed to help you keep burning fat. This keto fat bomb is a little different than others I’ve seen or tried because it’s made with SunButter, so it’s nut-free.

SunButter is one of my favorite “butters.” It’s naturally sweet, extra creamy, and free from the top 8 allergens. The ingredients are simple and straightforward. You know exactly what is in SunButter. Like nut butters, it’s got the protein (7 grams per serving!) and healthy fats your body needs, but unlike nut butters, it packs in more micronutrients–magnesium, vitamin E, zinc and iron, to be exact. Plus, SunButter contains less sugar (which is important on the keto diet) than traditional nut butters, and also contains no cholesterol, trans fats or preservatives. And it’s gluten-free and kosher certified!

So if you’re looking for a nut-free alternative, this is it!

I’ve been buying SunButter for years, but it never dawned on me to use it in something like a keto fat bomb. (By the way, check out the new packaging!) I wish I had done it sooner! The creamy sunflower seed flavor is perfect for fat bombs. This recipe is kind of an homage to my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough with toasted shredded coconut.

At room temperature the “batter” is liquid, but once frozen, they become the tastiest little morsels. The coconut oil and SunButter combo melts on your tongue, the chocolate chips are still a little cold, and you get great texture from the toasted coconut. If you’re someone who love cookie dough straight from the freezer, this one is definitely for you!

These keto fat bombs come together in a snap. They just need some time in the freezer to set up before you can dig in. But I totally encourage licking the bowl and spatula to tide you over.

SunButter comes in six varieties, but for this recipe I used Organic. Get this, it is made with 1 single ingredient – US-grown organic, roasted sunflower seeds. It is unsweetened, which is important if you’re doing keto. If you want to add some extra sweetness beyond the chocolate chips, I recommend using a powdered erythritol, monk fruit powder, or stevia.

And while we are talking about chocolate chips, make sure you use keto-friendly chocolate chips that are sweetened with stevia or another keto-approved sweetener. Instead of vanilla extract, I used powdered vanilla bean. But if you’re not being super strict, extract is fine and so is one bean with the seeds scraped out. If you’d rather have cookie dough balls instead of the cups, just use a little less coconut oil (1/4 cup) and add more coconut flour until you get the right texture.

Like I said, the mixture is pretty runny until it’s frozen. The coconut oil solidifies. It’s best to store these keto fat bombs in the freezer. They should keep fresh for up to several months in an airtight, freezer-proof container.

You’ll want to eat these right away as they melt quickly. Grab one for a snack before or after the gym, when you’re craving something sweet, or pull some out to share with friends. They’re sure to be a hit.

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