How To Relieving Stress During Coronavirus Quarantine

With the news filled with frightening stories about the new coronavirus, COVID-19, it’s easy to feel anxious. It’s natural to have some anxiety about any major disease outbreak, and you’re not alone in feeling worried. At the same time, you likely don’t need to be worried, especially if you’re already following the CDC’s advice for protecting yourself. Fortunately, there are things you can do to put your fears at ease.

There is no shortage of stress-inducing realities that we are all facing, and it’s looking like this will be the case for the foreseeable future, at the very least.

So, it’s time to explore some easy stress relievers while we are locked in our homes with limited human contact in an effort to keep our shit together, our attitudes positive, and our outlook on each day better than the day before.

There are the easy answers:

  • Home workouts.
  • Reading good books.
  • Walks outside in fresh air (while keeping your minimum 6-foot distance from others).
  • Online shopping.

These are some of the more common alternatives to losing your mind on accelerate.

And they make sense.

Working out is scientifically proven to naturally reduce stress through the release of endorphins and other chemical responses.

Reading helps get the creative juices flowing.

Fresh air is always good for the mind and body, too.

But what about some other basic, not-so-common outlets for stress and anxiety in these strange times?

Take it Slow

Most important thing for us anxious, oft-worried people is to just take is slow.
Deep breaths and relaxation remain unrivaled.
But it’s easier said than done.
Anyone with real anxiety knows that.
Just never turn your back on the basics.
The faster we realize we need to gain control to handle what comes at us, the easier everything else becomes.

Less Coffee If You’re Like Me Right Now

For the naturally anxious and occasionally uncontrollable personalities, like me, less coffee can be better.
I need at least a couple of cups to get going in the morning, especially on Mondays.
But I try to help myself stay grounded by regulating just how much caffeine I put into my body, especially when my total daily movement is at an all-time low.
A cup or two is all most of us need for the day.
Move onto water at some point.
Then keep your focus once you’re awake and working at a pace that works for you.
Don’t just keep drinking coffee until you’ve got the shakes and are about to explode.

Take Breaks from Watching the News

We all want to stay up to date on the current situation to ensure we have the facts and know what we can truly expect.
But there has to be a saturation point.
As a news junkie myself, I typically watch hours of news each day.
I’ve reduced my news-watching time significantly, mostly saving my viewing for the morning and evening news telecasts only.

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