How To Rescue Animals Left Behind Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Wuhan has been in lockdown and thousand of homeowners had to leave behind their pets in their homes.

Luckily, animal rescue groups are on a mission to help the poor animals that got left alone. Volunteers had to climb windows and break down doors to get the animals that were left in the locked houses and apartments.

It is estimated that more than 20.000 animals are left behind in Wuhan. Fortunately, more than 10 animal rescue groups have come together and now, they’re on a mission to rescue all those pets and bring them to safety.

The poor pets were abandoned with no water or food. Their owner left their house, not expecting that the city will be in lockdown and that they’ll not be able to return home. The virus hasn’t been proven to transmit to animals.
The group of volunteers has served more than 500 households. Some cats were transported to owner’s friends or to a pet clinic, for a temporary stay.

Preventing The Virus In Dogs

Get your dog a vaccine: There is an effective vaccine against canine coronavirus. Because infection is not usually life-threatening, your vet may not consider coronavirus vaccination to be a core or essential vaccination. The need will be assessed on an individual basis.

Use a household disinfectant: If one of your dogs has the coronavirus, or you think a kennel, grooming, or other area has been compromised, you can kill the virus with household disinfectants. Try Lysol or diluted bleach solutions.

Pick up after your dog: When you take your dog into public areas, make sure to pick up after him when he goes to the bathroom. This not only helps reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, but also any other disease that is transmitted through feces.

Take caution where you exercise your dog: Since the coronavirus can be transmitted through bodily fluids, be careful where you take your dog to exercise. Don’t walk or exercise your dog in an area heavily contaminated with dog feces, especially diarrhea.

Wash your hands before handling your puppy: Infected dogs can shed the virus for months after contracting and getting over coronavirus. Even if a dog is well, you can’t rule out it being a health risk to your pet. If you have been handling someone else’s dog, wash your hands after touching it and before handling your puppy.

“We have helped more than 600 pets since last week. Most of them were left and locked in the apartment before the lockdown. It is very difficult to do that because we are not allowed to get into private apartments without permission. At the time, it is hard to prove that we are authorized. So we tried at least to feed them in well-secured communities. And tried as much as we can to get into the private apartments to take pets out,”the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association wrote on their Facebook page.

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