How To Rock Dark Makeup Colors in Fall & Winter

When you think of fall, you likely think of colorful leaves falling from the trees, lowering temperatures, and cozy sweaters. When you’re selecting your fall makeup colors, keep these images in mind. Fall makeup is all about warmth and dimension. It’s about deep, rich colors, similar to the colors of the leaves. As you finish stashing your sundresses and bikinis for the year, it’s time to bring out some warm makeup along with your warmer clothes.

Drawing inspiration from the signature reds, oranges, golds and browns of the season, we’ve rounded up eight great natural beauty products to help you get that fabulous fall glow.

Cool or Warm

The first thing to figure out is whether you are a cool tone (Summer and Winter seasons) or a warm tone (Spring and Autumn seasons).

  • Do you look better in silver (cool) or gold (warm) accessories?
  • Do the veins on your wrist appear more blue (cool) or green (warm)?

If you’re still not sure, Japanese experts recommend trying an orange lipstick color. If it suits you, then you’re a warm tone!

Muted or Bright

Next, consider if you look better in muted (Summer, Autumn) or bright (Spring, Winter) colors. In Japanese color analysis, the Summer and Autumn seasons are associated with (calm) colors while the Spring and Winter seasons are (vivid) colors.

Dark or Light

Finally, decide whether your features are overall dark or light. Remember, this is not about your hair color per se, but rather how your hair color compares to others of the same shade. For example, you may have black hair which is softer and lighter in color than a more intense black.

Also, consider what best brings out your features. Maybe you’re naturally a brunette, but you shine when you dye your hair warm blonde. Spring and Summer palettes have lighter hues than Autumn and Winter. So, if your skin, hair, or eyes are lighter, you may be a Spring or Summer while if your features are more dark or deep, you may be an Autumn or a Winter.

Light, Bright, and Warm: you’re Spring!

If your season is Spring, your undertone is warm and your features are lighter and brighter!

Natural Hair Colors: light blonde to dark brown/black, but always with warm undertones

Natural Eye Colors: warm tones, from blue or green to brown

Your best colors according to Japanese color analysts are: orange, yellow, and warm coral pinks. The most important thing to play up in your color choice is lightness- so no blacks or dark blues near your bright and beautiful face.

For makeup, you should aim for lots of bronzer and orange-toned lip and eye makeup for a golden and glowing look perfect for Spring types.

Selecting Eye Makeup

Use rich brown shadows on the eyes: Nothing says fall quite like palettes of brown, tan, and cream shadows! Create a softer smoky eye by using a taupe-colored shadow on your lid and darker browns on your crease and outer corner. For added dimension, find shadows with a bit of golden shimmer.

Experiment with oranges and reds: Get inspiration from the autumn leaves, and have some fun with brighter colors. Grab a deep orange or a rich red eyeshadow and add a pop of color to your eyes. Blend the color into your crease, but also sweep it along your lower lash line for a cohesive look. Finish your eyes with a dark mascara and a set of dramatic falsies, and you’re all set.

Darken up your eyebrows: As your clothes start to get thicker in the fall, let your eyebrows do the same! One of the hottest trends for fall is thick, bold brows. Grab a eyebrow pomade, gel, pencil, or powder, and add some intensity. Carefully fill in any areas where your hairs are sparse or light. Use a lighter hand at the beginning of the brow, and darken up the product as you move towards the tail.

Brightening Up Your Skin

Ditch the bronzer: Summer is all about airy, light coverage and a sun-kissed bronze. When fall arrives, it’s time to swap out the shimmery tan for soft, creamy skin and rosy cheeks. You can bring out your full coverage foundations that you skipped in the hot summer months, and use a beauty blender to apply it smoothly and evenly.

Make your cheeks glow with blush: As you wave goodbye to your summer tan, it’s important to add color to your face with a go-to blush. If you want to prolong a little bit of that summer spirit, opt for a peachy shade reminiscent of your summer color palette. To get into the fall and winter mode, choose a deeper shade of blush in a shade like mulberry, or a soft, rosy color.

Create a soft contour to accentuate your facial features: Just because you are putting your summer bronzer away doesn’t mean you have to lighten up completely. Invest in a contour palette for the fall to add dimension to your face. Sweep the darker across your cheek bones, along your temples, and along your jaw to accentuate your angles. Dot a bit of highlighter under your eyes and down your nose to complete the look.

Choosing a Lip Color

Embrace brown lips: Don’t be scared to experiment with shades of brown on your pout. This is one of the hottest fall trends, and there’s a brown lip product out there for everyone. Look for browns with hints of red or pink, and you’ll be surprised just how bright they actually look. For a perfect fall look, opt for products with a matte finish.

Rock nude lips: If you choose to really play up your eyes, nude is a great choice for your lips. In the simplest terms, your nude lipstick should be very similar to your natural lip color, but better. It’s the lip color you’d dream of having naturally! You might have to try out a few nude lip products before finding the perfect one for you. Find a product with a bit of shine to give your lips more dimension.

Bring out the bold colors: Fall is your chance to bring out all those deep burgundy, bold reds, and dramatic purples that you put away for the warmer months. Rich, eye-catching colors pair perfectly with sweater weather. Look for products in colors like plum, wine, and even deep oranges. You won’t have to worry about your face looking dull or lifeless in the cooler weather with these intense shades.

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