How To Searching for a Luxurious Summer Vacation

While not everyone is lucky enough to be counted amongst the one percent, we all dream of going on a luxury vacation. It’s always an avid traveler’s goal to go on safari in Africa, or vacation to a private island far from the hustle and bustle of modern life. To some, this will remain as nothing more than a dream, but don’t lose hope. It’s quite possible to enjoy quality luxury trips without breaking the bank or going hungry for months on end just to save for it.

Pick the paths less traveled

While many of us would want to have experiences of a lifetime, whenever we go on vacation, it’s usually a problem when you have to travel halfway across the globe just to do so. Not to mention that it can put a huge strain on your budget if you don’t find a good deal on your plane ticket.

One thing you can do is to find less popular or less known vacation spots that have similar atmospheres as the ones you want to visit. Most of the time, people simply want to experience living in a waterside bungalow, gazing into the tropical sunset, or enjoying the warm sands on the beach, regardless of where the actual location it.

Certain places in Central America, South America or the islands of the Caribbean, for example, have more or less the same atmosphere as the Maldives, and since it’s closer to home, you’ll be spending way less on a luxury Caribbean cruise than a luxury cruise somewhere on the other side of the globe. The key to this is to do ample amounts of research, and not be swayed by the hype certain areas have. Know what you want, find a good place close to home, and stick to that.

Book during the promotional seasons

If you’re dead set on going to a certain destination and not on a more affordable version on it, then don’t worry. There’s still hope for you to enjoy your luxury trip without spending too much. Booking your trip during the peak promotional season, usually during the early months of the year, can give you a chance of getting a good deal.

This is usually the time when luxury cruise liners put out sales because there aren’t many people taking vacations. This season is similar to black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, but with vacationing. You can also check for a desired luxury hotel if you’re planning to spend your luxury vacation on land. There’s also the possibility of being able to grab a sale when you’re booking at the last minute, which can be nice if you’re planning on visiting multiple destination whilst planning as you go.

Get into a loyalty program

If you are an avid traveler, then using points from various loyalty programs or from reimbursing points you’ve saved up from your credit card can be a good source of free airfare, access to airport lounges or upgraded hotel stays. There are numerous options out there that can help accommodate your needs.

There are also numerous luxury hotels that offer their own brand of loyalty programs, where you can earn points that you can eventually redeem for free stays. You may need to have a flexible travel itinerary, since the use of points usually means fewer options for you to choose from compared to when you pay full price.

Visit during the off season

While we all want to go to the best tropical beaches during the height of summer, it might be less expensive to do so some other time. While the weather may not be perfect, doing so can help you maintain a good budget. You can, for example visit a good summer destination in October. The sun is still good, though you may run into the occasional hurricane, though can plan to offset such issues.

Luckily, however, you wouldn’t need to go as far as booking a trip during hurricane season. Sometimes it’s enough to visit a cold weather destination during the summer months or vice versa. The weather may not be perfect, but this shouldn’t be enough to put a damper on your plans.

Luxury vacations don’t need to be expensive

After leafing through various travel magazines, it can be difficult to believe that you wouldn’t need a huge budget to have a good luxury trip. The truth is, you can have a luxurious experience without paying much if you implement the right kind of planning and research. Each person has their own version of what a luxury vacation is, and who knows, maybe yours wouldn’t actually break the bank if you stick with it.

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