How to Shave Your Legs for the First Time

Growing leg hair is a very normal part of growing up, and many girls and women feel more comfortable deciding to remove their leg hair by shaving. If you’d like to shave your legs for the first time, you first need to acquire the correct supplies, learn the proper shaving techniques, and then care for your legs following shaving.

No matter how good you feel afterward, shaving your legs can be a chore. What started out as a rite of passage doesn’t take long to become a source of dread. And the cost of razors? Razor companies are making a killing on dinky pieces of plastic with dull blades.

If you’re tired of shaving your legs with plastic razors and feeling stubble within the hour, consider switching to a safety razor.

A safety razor: The best safety razors are heavy and have solid handles with a grip-friendly texture. The weight of the razor is the reason you don’t need to use pressure when shaving. You’ll notice how easy the blade cuts through your leg hair the first time you shave.
Safety razors come in all different colors, and you can even get a travel size to fit in your toiletry bag when you go on vacation.

Replacement blades: Unlike disposable razors, replacement blades are cheap! You’ll pay no more than fifty cents per blade for high-end blades. Average blades cost between ten and twenty-five cents each. One blade should give you at least a week, but will last much longer if you have fine hair or don’t shave every day.

Shaving soap: If you think shaving soap is just for men, there are a lot of women who disagree. Decades ago, women had to shave their legs with safety razors. It was the only option next to a straight razor
Before shaving cream came in a can, everyone had to create lather from shaving soap. If you’re going to use a safety razor, you may as well stick with the traditional shaving soap.

A scuttle: You can create lather directly on your legs, but it’s more fun to whip it up in a scuttle. Using a scuttle allows you to create precise and consistent lather. Once you get the hang of creating lather you might prefer creating it directly on your legs.

Choosing Supplies

Use women’s razors

Women’s razors come with a rounded head and a curved handle that are made to help you access those trickier spots behind your knees and around your ankles.

Pick a razor system

Razor systems are razors that have a permanent handle and a disposable razor head. You can buy razor cartridges to replace worn out razor heads.

  • While these razors can be more expensive, they often have built in moisturizers or lubricants, such as vitamin E, that are great if you have sensitive skin.

Choose a disposable razor

Disposable razors are a great idea if your skin isn’t sensitive or if you want to just pitch the entire razor when it’s worn out.

  • Disposable razors also tend to be a cheaper option.

Choose a multi-blade razor

It’s important to choose a razor with more than one blade, since single blade razors are more likely to drag against the skin. Three blades is typical for a razor.

  • Razors come with as many as six blades! You should experiment and see what number of blades feel best on your skin.

Purchase shaving cream or gel

You need a lathering agent to help the razor glide easily over your skin. Using a shaving cream or gel will help prevent razor burn, or red bumps that are caused by shaving. Shaving cream also reduces the number of nicks you give yourself shaving.

  • Don’t want to purchase shaving cream? Hair conditioner is a great alternative that’s also much cheaper.
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid shaving creams that contain alcohol. The alcohol will dry out your skin.

Learning Proper Shaving Techniques

Shave at the end of your shower

The warm water of your shower softens your leg hair and opens your follicles, which makes shaving easier. Shave after your legs have been exposed to the water of your shower for about 10-15 minutes.

Wash off your legs with soap and water

Before you begin shaving, wash off your legs with soap and warm water to prevent any infections.

Apply your shaving cream to your entire leg

Liberally apply shaving cream with your hands, making sure it’s fully covering the area of your leg that you want to shave.

  • If you’re looking to really get a close shave, apply shaving cream with a shaving brush, which will help raise the hair up, so it’s better exposed during shaving.

Hold your razor lightly at a 30 degree angle to your leg

You’ll want to hold your razor at an angle that feels good to you, which is probably around 30 degrees. Make sure you’re holding the razor with the handle pointed down towards your toes.

Shave with the grain

Shaving with the grain, or down the leg, is best for your first shave. Because your leg hair will be longer, going with the grain of your hair will reduce the possibility of irritation.

  • Shaving against the grain, or shaving up the leg, is okay once your leg hair is shorter.
  • If you have sensitive skin, always shave with the grain, or down the leg.

Go gently over the knee and ankle

Shaving around the knee and ankle are the trickiest parts of shaving your legs for the first time. Go slowly and apply less pressure as you shave over these areas, so you don’t cut yourself.

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