How To Straighten Your Hair With a Flat Iron

Buying a hair straightener is an excellent investment because choosing the right one will serve you for years and protect your hair from damage. There are different types of hair straighteners out there, and not all of them will be ideal for you.

Hair straighteners can give you glossy smooth hair. They can also be used to curl your hair. Are you thinking about buying a new hair straightener? Before you go shopping for one, here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

Consider Your Hair Type

The natural text of your hair plays an essential role in determining the best flat iron for you on the market. If you have fine hair which can be damaged easily, you should choose a hair straightener with multiple heat settings. This will allow you to regulate the heat.

Thick hair, on the other hand, will require a straightener with higher heat settings. The higher the heat, the faster you will be able to straighten your hair in a stroke or two. For those with curly hair, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to straighten it and how prone it is to frizz. In this case, you will need to get a hair straightener with wider plates which offer more grip and straightens large portions of hair at once.

Pick the Right Material for Your Hair Straightener

There are different materials used to make hair straighteners. The ideal material for you will depend on your hair type and needs. Straighteners with ceramic plates are exceptional at offering consistent high temperatures and are great at reducing frizz.

There are also titanium plates which heat up quickly and suitable for delicate hair. There are also tourmaline plates which are expensive but durable and great at maintaining high temperatures.
Straighteners made of metal, glass, or ceramic coated plates should be avoided at all costs. These materials do not distribute heat evenly and may result in damaging of hair.

Pay Attention to the Shape of Your Straightener

Contrary to what people think regarding the shapes of hair straighteners, it really does matter. A straightener with fully straight edges guarantees super straight locks, but it does make it less adaptable. On the other hand, round-shaped plates make it easy for you to curl and straighten your hair.

Consider the Plate Width

The wider your plates are, the faster you can straighten your hair. However, if you are always on the move, straighteners with wider plates may not be the best option because they can’t fit easily in your bag. Also, if you have fine hair, a straightener with wider plates might damage the hair shaft. This is also something you should consider.

Think about the Temperature

High heat translates into more effective straightening. But, you should know that not all types of hair require high heat. For instance, fine hair can be damaged if it is exposed to high heat. This is why the best hair straightener should have adjustable heat settings. With such, you can choose the ideal temperature for your hair.

As you consider the temperature, you should be mindful of the heat distribution. The problem with buying a low-quality heat straightener is that most of them heat up and result in an uneven distribution of heat, which might burn your hair.

Wash and dry your hair until damp

Wash your hair, then blow dry or allow it to air dry until slightly damp. Blow drying may make your hair a little straighter already, saving you some time.

Brush or comb your hair. Remove all tangles

The heat protectant will distribute more evenly if you brush or comb thoroughly beforehand. There should definitely not be any tangles left by the time you start straightening, or the process will leave crimps and knots.

Apply heat protectant

Spray lightly onto your entire head of hair. Quickly comb your hair a second time to distribute the heat protectant evenly.

Finish drying

Blow dry or allow to air dry completely. Never straighten your hair while wet, as the iron may burn or damage wet hair.

Let the iron warm up

Plug in the flat iron and let it heat up for three to five minutes, while you get started on the next step.

Section off your hair

The thicker the hair, the more sections you need. People with thin hair can skip this step or divide it into two to four sections, while people with thick hair may need many more. Clip every section out of your way, except for one section of the lowest layer.

Separate a lock of hair

Starting with the lowest layer of hair, separate a lock of hair 1–2 inch (2.5–5 cm) wide. This should be small enough that you can fit the flat iron around it easily, and straighten it in one pass.

Clamp the iron above the roots

Place your flat iron 1–3 inches (2.5–7.5 cm) above your scalp. Close the two heated sides together, with the hair between them. Straightening too close to your scalp may damage the roots or burn your scalp.

Run the iron down the length of your hair

Slowly run the iron down the length of your hair. Keep the same amount of pressure on the hair at all times. Don’t twist or move the iron from its path, or you may end up with crimps in your hair.

Repeat if necessary

If the lock of hair isn’t straight after the first try, go over it a second time. If this keeps happening, use smaller locks of hair or raise the iron temperature.

Repeat with all remaining locks

Once you’ve finished one section, unpin the next and repeat. Work from the lowest layers of hair up to the surface.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best hair straightener isn’t as easy as most people think. Most people make the mistake of buying the cheapest straightener that they find in the store without even reading hair straightener reviews. After a month or two, the hair straightener stops working, and it leaves your hair looking worse.

When it comes to hair straighteners, you need to know that there is a big difference between price and value. It is best that you get a hair straightener that is durable and has advanced features than picking a cheap one that will break in a few weeks. Let the above five tips guide you in finding a hair straightener that is suitable for your hair type and will help you achieve a gorgeous sleek look without having to visit your hair stylist.

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