How To Take care Business Women on their skin

There are many discussions and theories about why exactly the people today are so extremely busy. However, no reason has been identified as of yet. We only know that modern life is extremely hectic, especially when you are a lady running a business. But being busy shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying some beauty time regularly.

In fact, it’s essential that you find that time as it’s necessary to keep your stress levels manageable and to keep your natural beauty. Never forget that stress is the number one beauty killer, so fight it with time management and some clever tricks that will allow you to cut down the time a good beauty routine needs.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Some Beauty Time When You Lead a Busy Life

Cheat the time when applying makeup

The first thing you should do is to cut down the time you spend on applying makeup in the morning. You’d be better served to get a few extra minutes of sleep or a short morning workout instead.

To reduce the makeup time you can use a variety of small tricks:

  • Skip foundation and replace it with a BB or CC cream. Those are both moisturizers and tints, so you basically miss one step in the beauty routine. They are also easier to apply than foundation and often have SPF, which means you also skip the step where you apply sunblock.
  • If you do have any blemishes that such cream cannot hide, use a creamy concealer to cover them fast.
  • Skip the intricate process of eyeshadow application and put some shimmery base on your eyelids instead. If you have the time, you can also define your eyes with an eyeliner. But if not, that one step plus mascara will be enough to make you look bright-eyed and beautiful.
  • When applying mascara, make your lashes appear more voluminous by applying some powder on them while you are powdering your face. Use a high-quality mascara that won’t leave any clumps for you to waste time removing.
  • As for your lips, keep it simple. Today it’s all about looking natural, so you can skip outlining them with a pencil. A touch of liquid tint and some lip gloss for volume will make your lips plump and kissable in less than 30 seconds.

You should also consider using specialized beauty treatments that, basically, provide you with somewhat long-term makeup. This includes makeup tattoos for eyebrows and lips and eyelash extensions. With these solutions, you’ll be able to forego some types of makeup completely, so long-term money savings make them rather affordable.
Have a standing appointment for a salon visit in your weekly schedule

Have you ever noticed how it’s hard to get an hour you’ll dedicate to beauty when your schedule is full of back-to-back appointments? Use a simple mental trick and actually include this beauty time into your schedule. This way you’ll elevate its priority in your mind, so you will be less likely to skip it. Moreover, you’ll notice how it’s actually not that hard to fit the rest of your business around that dedicated beauty session.

The best way to spend that time is, of course, by actually visiting a salon. There you just sit back and relax while your stylist preps the pocket dimension where they store the stylist magic tools. They’ll touch up your hair colour or trim your locks or give you a blowout that will make you look amazing for the date or meeting you have after the visit.

In the meantime, apply a face mask so you leave the salon looking truly refreshed. And if you don’t really need to visit a salon every week, spend that time at home, giving yourself a DIY facial.

The point is to keep that beauty appointment in your schedule. Never replace it with some more “pressing” business matters because your looks and mental health are essential, so you need that beauty and relaxation time to actually stay productive in business.

Of course, it would be much more effective to have a few hours on your day off dedicated to spa care, but that’s really hard to achieve. By sticking to that scheduled hour, you’ll be able to get in some much needed extra skin and hair care instead of missing it altogether if you try for too much and get overwhelmed with other tasks.

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