How To Take Care Of Your Hair Before Marriage

Are you excited about your marriage and are all set to look the best on your wedding day? Then how do you plan to go about it? Rush to the nearest beauty parlour and have your hair stylised with expensive products? Well, do that, and you will only be flushing your hair with harmful chemicals. So isn’t tshere an alternative way to look your best on your big day? Isn’t there a simple and effective way to be the ‘rockstar’ of your wedding? There is one it is to use homemade hair treatments! Want to know how to take care of your hair before marriage that can make you stand out on your D-day? Then relax and read the following tips!

Mental Preparation:

Prepare yourself mentally to stick to homemade hair treatments. Start well in advance, preferably six months. Once your marriage date is set, waste no time. Always remember that homemade treatment cannot work wonders overnight. Natural and herbal ingredients are used to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chemicals. Chemical-based treatments are quick to show results, unlike homemade treatments. But in the long run, they wreck havoc on your hair! So, be ready for a long haul!

Deep Conditioning:

For a deep conditioning treatment, mix an egg with plain yoghurt. Whisk to make the mixture smooth and apply it on your hair. Do it at least once in two weeks to nourish your hair and let it absorb the goodness of deep protein conditioning. Once in a week, treat your hair with a blend of almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Opt for the turban therapy and rejuvenate your hair naturally!

Treat Hair Problems:

If you start well in advance, treating your hair problems and doing away with them can be easy. For instance, if you are suffering from dandruff, apply a concoction of coconut oil and lemon juice regularly to eliminate the problem. If you are experiencing hair loss, use onion juice to prevent the same. But you got to be regular to make sure the problem is done away with for good.

Shun Those Chemicals:

Say ‘NO’ to all the chemical based hair care and hair styling products. Instead opt for natural homemade ‘reetha’ or soap-nut shampoos. You could also opt for the no-poo method and use a concoction of baking soda and water as shampoo. Follow this by the use of apple cider vinegar as a natural conditioner. Your hair would take some time to respond to these natural alternatives.

Say No To Hair Colors:

Forget coloring and perming your hair. Opt for henna mix for coloring your hair instead. Ideally, wash your hair with soap nut shampoo thrice a week and use apple cider hair rinse if you have oily hair, and honey rinse if your hair is dry. Opt for henna soaked in tea liquor with coffee powder. Use this recipe regularly, and your gray hair will soon vanish! When you choose to start early, you make sure that your hair gets an adequate dose of natural homemade treatments.You need not burn a hole in your pocket. Opt for cost-effective homemade treatments, drink gallons of water and add lots of nuts, fruits and vegetables to your diet. But most importantly, find inner peace!


To get your hair as glossy as possible, you’ll want to start months in advance. Apply a weekly deep conditioning treatment, after asking your hairdresser’s advice about the one most suited to your type of tresses.


As with your skin, your hair will benefit from you being well hydrated. Aim to drink about eight cups of water per day. This will help strengthen your hair, and encourage it to grow faster and healthier.


Your hair will look its best once it’s had a trim by your hairdresser. Now is not the time to try a bold new look or visit a new stylist – if you so wish. Get your split ends cut off by someone you trust. And do this well ahead of the ceremony, not the day before.


If you colour your hair, you’ll want to schedule this appointment up to a fortnight before your big day. Stick with a trusted stylist and have a consultation about the shades that will look best in your wedding photos. Colour it a little way in advance and you can always choose a different dye shade if you change your mind.

Reduce shampooing:

For those brides-to-be who dye their hair, the easiest way to safeguard your colour is to reduce the amount of times you wash it. Too much shampooing will fade and lift your colour. In the months leading up to the wedding, shampoo a maximum of three times a week.

Get fishy:

Omega 3 fatty acids are great for the health of your hair. You can get a big hit of these oils from eating salmon, which is also rich in protein. If you’re not a salmon fan, you can take Omega 3 supplements instead. Start weeks in advance to see the results in the form of stronger strands, with less damage and breakage.

Eat your way to shine:

Vitamin B is also a key ingredient for healthy hair. It contributes to your hair’s natural shine. If you have dull hair, that could actually be a sign that you have a Vitamin B deficiency. So include as many Vitamin B-rich foods as possible in your daily diet: eggs, nuts and fish are all great sources.

Avoid heat:

Blow-drying and heat-styling aren’t good for our locks, so try to ease off in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Where possible, let your hair dry naturally and avoid using straighteners or tongs so that you can give your tresses a rest. Also avoid wrapping your hair in a towel or rubbing it dry, to minimise breakage and frizzing.


It’s not just your body that benefits from a massage – your hair and scalp do too. Schedule a scalp massage into your pre-wedding beauty regime, about a month before the big day. It will help to stimulate your hair follicles and relax you in the process.

Oil up:

If you’re wondering how to make your hair soft before the wedding, then the answer lies in hair oils. Apply a few drops every day to keep your hair nourished between washes. When it comes to natural moisturising oils, you can choose between coconut, aloe vera, argan, avocado, jojoba and olive.

Eat healthy fats and proteins:

One important factor in growing your hair out is your diet, so make sure to incorporate plenty of healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins and proteins into your daily meals. Foods rich in these nutrients include salmon, avocados, fatty fish and nuts.

Consume plenty of liquids:

Hydrating helps to push toxins out of your body and promotes the growth of your hair. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, drink juice, sports drinks and other hydrating beverages, and try to eat water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Comb your hair when it’s wet if it’s curly or kinky:

Brushing curly or kinky hair while it’s dry can result in breakage or damage. It’s better to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair while it’s still wet.

Use non-damaging hair elastics:

If you don’t often wear your hair down, you can still wear it up as long as you use care. Use hair elastics without any metal parts, and try to vary the position of your ponytail or bun on your head day by day. This stops your style from pulling on the same section of hair so it doesn’t get pulled out or damaged.

Wash your hair two to three times a week:

Washing your hair every day can ultimately cause damage by stripping your hair of natural oil and making it drier, which can leave to breakage. Instead of washing your hair every day with shampoo, try washing your hair two to three times a week instead.

Use silicone-free shampoos:

Many popular drugstore shampoos contain silicone, which coats your hair and blocks the nutrients that encourage your hair to grow. Check the ingredients on your shampoo label and replace it if need be with a silicone-free shampoo.

Know that you ARE beautiful! No amount of makeup or hair care can replace the inner glow that comes from being happy! Look dazzling on your wedding day! And have a great married life! Best of luck! Now that you know simple steps to a perfect hair for wedding bride, let us know if you’ll give it a try. How do you plan to prepare for your big day?

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