How To Use Water Diet: Lose 1 Pound a Day

This water diet can help you lose 1 pound a day! The diet is rigorous and you’re not supposed to use it constantly- only when you need to lose a few extra pounds FAST!

To get the best results, we advise you to do the water diet once a week!

Here’s your daily menu:


A huge glass of water, tea or natural juice.
You can consume fruits and natural juices as much as you want.


A huge glass of water, tea or natural juice.
A few fruits that contain lots of water such as: grapes, citrus, watermelons etc.


A big glass of water before lunch and a cup of tea after lunch.
A lot of fresh vegetables, consume the vegetables you want. You add some vinegar, lemon, olive oil and some salt to add flavor to your veggies. You can also consume olives.


A huge glass of water, tea or natural juice.
Choose one of these 4 options for your snack: a glass of milk, a glass of yogurt, 30gr. unsalted cheese or one fruit.


A big glass of water before dinner and a cup of tea after dinner.
Consume 100gr. chicken or beef or 150gr. fish with one egg. Add as many veggies as you want.

Do not go on this diet more than once a week!

Investigate the water diet

There are many variations on this diet, ranging from all-out fasting to just making sure your daily water is cold. One version, for example, suggests that you consume roughly two glasses of water before each meal while following a low-calorie diet. Researchers found that people who did this lost about 5 pounds more than those who skipped the water.

Drink half your body weight

The amount of water you consume overall each day is up to you, but experts recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces that is, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water a day.

Drink water often

Drink it both first thing when you wake up and 30 minutes before you eat a meal. The feeling of fullness you get when filling your stomach with water prevents you from overeating.

Decide what kind of water

Tap water gets a bad rap for having chemicals in it, but the EPA directly supervises its production. Bottled water must follow a few regulations, but the EPA can’t guarantee its safety like it can with tap water. If your home has a filtration system in place, use it, but don’t stress about having access to filtered water.

Get a water bottle

To keep water at your fingertips all day, invest in a good BPA-free water bottle, whether plastic, metal, or glass.

Add some light exercise

Your focus on the water diet is drinking water to lose weight, but exercise helps burn calories. If you already have a workout routine in place, don’t change it for the water diet. If you don’t, begin by walking several times a week before starting in on more strenuous exercise.

Get a wall calendar

Hang it where you’ll see it, like the kitchen. Mark beginning and end dates for your diet.

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