Simple Nail Art Designs – DIY

When you get your nails painted by a professional, it can be expensive and be time intensive when you get them done all the time. It can take 45 to a few hours just to get them done. This has resulted in many people just doing it themselves. You can learn a few simple nail art designs so that you can liven up your nails and still have them looking gorgeous.

One very easy nail art design that you can do at home is paint splatter nails. You’ll want a base color and one to three splatter colors that will look good with the base and each other. You’ll also need either a nail art brush that’s angled or a disposable toothbrush.

To begin, you’ll want to protect your working area with newspaper. Next, apply two coats of your base color to the nails. Allow this polish to fully dry. Then, you’ll want to pour a little bit of polish from your splatter colors out. You can use clean milk lids, condiment cups, or any other small container that you may have in your home.

Next, dip your brush into the polish that you’re using. Then, you can take your finger, pen, or another brush to pull the bristles toward you from the bottom. This will slowly allow the bristles to move back into place while lightly splashing polish onto your nails.

You can practice this motion before using the polish to get a feel for it. Do this with each color to complete the look. Once the splatter has dried, follow up by cleaning up outside of the nail with polish remover and using a clear top coat on your nails.

Another simple nail art design can be done by simply using plastic wrap. To achieve this look, you’ll need two colors, plastic wrap, and clear top coat. To begin this design, apply two coats of your base color.

Once the base color is dry, you’ll need to pour out a little of the second color. Then, using a piece of crinkled plastic wrap, dip the wrap into the polish and lightly press it onto the nail, over the previous color. This technique can produce a crackled polish look that allows you to see both colors. For this reason, contrasting colors make a great option when selecting your polish. Once the nail polish is dry, apply a top coat.

If you have cosmetic sponges laying around, a gradient nail art designs can be achieved easily and quickly. You’ll need a cosmetic sponge, two to three polish colors, top coat, and polish remover.

To begin, you’ll want to paint the sponge with the polish in the order you’d like your gradient to go. Next, press the sponge onto the nail lightly multiple times to until the colors begin to blend together. You may need to do multiple coats to ensure opacity. Once it’s dry, clean out the perimeter of the nail and apply your top coat.

Doing your own simple nail art designs can be a fun way to spend some time, entertain friends, or save you some money. You’ll be able to create beautiful designs that require just a few products and not much time. Once you have a few techniques figured out, you can build on what you know, combine techniques, or even recreate nail art that you’ve seen others have.


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