Simple Steps to Get a Natural White Skin

No need to spend so much time and effort for whitening your skin. Just use 5 following simple tips to get a natural white skin:


Sun-cream is an effective skin-whitening tip which isn’t normally thought about. You should not think that sun-cream’s effect is only to prevent your skin from getting darken by sunlight. The uv and different environmental impacts leave us sunburned skin and increasing melanin rate (Melanin seriously impacts on our skin pigmentation. The more melanin we get, the darker the skin is). Sun-cream prevent the skin from not only uv light but also increasing the melanin rate. If you often use sun-cream for a long time, you will find out its effect.

Moisturizing your skin

It seems that moisturizing is unrelated to skin whitening methods we are mentioning to. However it is really important to get a natural white skin. Dry skin brings a darker skin and it is easier to get sunburned. Therefore, moisturizing is a natural way to defend the skin against darkening effects and the moisturizing balance brings a silky smooth skin.


Tomato can bleach, it is a natural raw material for whitening skin. Slice tomato into half and segregate the seeds. Wash your face in circular motion and use your usual soap. Rinse and pat dry. Use tomato in your face circular motion. Leave it into 15 minutes. And if you want to fast whiten you skin you should leave in over night. You can see the result in the first day. Your face will become shine and whiten. You use everyday as a good result.

Wheat flour

A healthy skin keeps us far from darkening impacts. Maintaining a soft and resistant skin by wheat flour is a good idea. You should mixture wheat flour and yaourt. Then you apply the mixture on your face from 15-20 minutes. This should be done once a week to keep a healthy skin.


Papaya is one of nourishing fruits good for hair, skin and digestive system. In addition to eating, you can apply the pureed papaya on your skin. Clean your face with warm fresh water after 20 minutes. This leaves you a natural soft white skin.

Simple Steps to Get a Natural White Skin

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